How can I do Karwa Chauth fast?

How can I do Karwa Chauth fast?

All women wake up early in the morning and eat food which is also knon as ‘sargi’ before sunrise. They are not supposed to eat or even drink water during the day. In the evening, they get ready in beautiful clothes and listen to the Karwa Chauth katha and break the fast after the moonrise.

Do and don’ts for Karwa Chauth?

-Women observing Karwa Chauth should also not use scissors, needles or knife in the food preparations either. Avoid seasoning your food too much. -To avoid chances of developing acidity, drinking coffee and tea should be avoided.

How can I do Karva Chauth alone?

You have to wake up before sunrise on the day of karva chauth and get something to eat or drink. You cannot drink or eat anything after the sunrise, so it is better to eat something before. You can have soot feni if you are from UP.

What is eaten in sargi?

7 things in the Sargi Thali

  • Lacha paratha or Gobhi Stuffed paratha or any stuffed paratha.
  • Falhari paneer ki sabji or any leafy vegetable.
  • A cup of tea / coffee.
  • Pomegranate / Coconut Giri (Flesh)
  • Coconut Water / Nimbu Paani.
  • 10 soaked or raw almonds (Cashewnuts, Walnuts)

What should we not do during Karva Chauth fast?

Things Not To Do On Karwa Chauth, women must not think of men other than their husbands. Moreover, they must not curse or say bad things to other women. Women observing Karwa Chauth must not use needles, scissors or knives in any work, including cooking food. One must avoid drinking tea or coffee during Karwa Chauth.

What is needed for Karva Chauth pooja?

Here is a list of items that you would need for Karwa Chauth puja….Here is a complete list of puja materials.

  1. A plate (For puja samagri)
  2. A Kalash (copper/brass/silver)
  3. A sieve.
  4. An earthen pot and a lid.
  5. Incense sticks.
  6. Flowers.
  7. Fruits.
  8. Sweets.

What is Baya in Karva Chauth?

Traditionally, it is the mother who usually sends baya, which includes sweets, money, clothes and a karva (small earthen pitcher), to their married daughters houses. In the evening, the mother-in-law or any elderly women of the house accepts the baya, given to them by the younger married women of the family.

Do we need to take bath before sargi?

As sargi is the pre-dawn meal, it should be consumed before sunrise. Women wake up around 3 – 4 am because they have to take a bath and prepare their meals. Most of them eat their sargi before 5 am. Many women prefer to have it with other women who are fasting in their home.

What should I eat before Karva Chauth fast?

The breakfast you eat before sunrise should be extremely light and not consist of items that are heavy on your stomach and make you feel lethargic. Consume a lot of fruits and food made up of whole wheat or multi grain preparations.

What should I eat before Karva Chauth?

Karwa Chauth 2020: What is Sargi and what food can you have?

  • Fresh fruits. It is known to all that fresh fruits have high water content.
  • Dry fruits. Dry fruits provide you energy and many nutrients.
  • Light-cooked food.
  • Sweets.

Who prepares sargi?

The mother-in-law
The mother-in-law prepares a thali, or Sargi, for her daughter-in-law to bless her on this auspicious day and bestows upon her good wishes so she can undergo the fast successfully.