How can I find my MikroTik IP address?

How can I find my MikroTik IP address?

DHCP Client: The MikroTik router gets an IP address on the WAN side from a DHCP server in front of it. This is the default MikroTik router configuration, and has to be removed if not supported by your ISP. You can do so by accessing the DHCP Client settings of your router, found under IP.

How can I access my MikroTik?

Logging into the router To access the router enter address 192.168. 88.1 in your browser. Main RouterOS page will be shown as in the screen shot below. Click on WebFig from the list.

How do I reset my MikroTik RouterBOARD 1100AHx4?

How to factory reset (hard reset) MikroTik RouterBOARD 1100AHx4 (RB1100AHx4) :

  1. When the router is on, press the button reset and hold for 30 seconds.
  2. While holding down the button reset, turn off the power of the router and hold down the button reset for 30 seconds.

How do I access MikroTik switch?

Connecting to the switch Open your web browser and enter IP address of your switch (192.168. 88.1 by default) and login screen will appear. SwOS default IP address: 192.168. 88.1, user name: admin and there is no password.

How do I change my default IP address in MikroTik?

add an IP address to LAN interface; set up a DHCP server….You may close the bridge dialog.

  1. Open Ip -> Addresses dialog;
  2. Click on the + button, a new dialog will open;
  3. Enter IP address 192.168. 88.1/24 select interface local from the drop-down list and click on OK button;

How do you configure IP address in MikroTik router?

MikroTik configure IP address and gateway

  1. winbox open: IP > Address + address =such as( ) > Interface = ether3 > Apply > OK.
  2. Step 2: IP > Routes > Gateway + = such as( ) > Apply > OK.
  3. Step 3: IP > DNS > DNS Settings > servers= = =

How can I reset my mikrotik router password?


  1. Make sure your device is turned off, but have the power adapter ready to be plugged in.
  2. Hold the reset button.
  3. While still holding the reset button, plug in the power adapter.
  4. Keep holding the button until user LED light starts flashing.

Can I use MikroTik router as a switch?

Many MikroTik’s devices come with a built-in switch chip that can be used to greatly improve overall throughput when configured properly. Devices with a switch chip can be used as a router and a switch at the same time, this gives you the possibility to use a single device instead of multiple devices for your network.

How do I change the default route in MikroTik?

If you need to setup public IP yourself:

  1. Add a public IP: IP ⇢ Address list: Add (+) (ex. 7.9. 13.1/24 – no network – choose the connected interface)
  2. Add a default gateway/route: IP ⇢ Route: Add (+) (Dst. address: 0.0. 0.0/0 – Gateway: IP of next router) (or /ip route add gateway=1.2. 3.4)