How can I get 2GB data in Vodafone?

How can I get 2GB data in Vodafone?

3,099. All of these plans offer 2GB of additional back-up data every month at no extra cost. To avail this offer, users need to login to the Vi app or dial 121249. Once the registration is complete, Vi will alert users of activation via an SMS message.

How can I activate 2 data Pack in Vodafone?

How to Activate Data Plan in Vodafone?

  1. Activate Data plan in Vodafone by using the given USSD code.
  2. Enter the code *111*6*1# as you would dial a phone number and press dial button.
  3. An SMS will be returned with the requested information.

How can I get free GB on Vodafone?

How To Get Vodafone 10GB Free 4G Net For 10 Days

  1. Go-to Phone Call Page & Dail 121365.
  2. Call On This Number & Wait Few Second.
  3. Now Wait 2 Hour’s You Will Receive 10 GB Free Data For 10 Days.
  4. Check Your Internet Balance By Dialing *111#
  5. You Can Use Full Data In A Single Days.

How do I get Vi 1 GB for free?

[#1 Method] Vi Missed Call And Get 1GB / 2GB Data Free

  1. Remember to Try this Offer You Should Be Prepaid Subscriber of Vi Network.
  2. Your Phone and Sim Both Should be Enable 4G Network.
  3. Now Goto Mobile Dialer Option and Put A Number That is 121249.
  4. Call on the Above Number (Toll-Free) and Call Connected to the Vi IVR.

How do I get free GB on Vi?

Vi Free Data – Miss call & Get 2 GB Free Data

  1. Open you phone Dialler.
  2. Dial this number – 121249.
  3. Phone will cut automatically & you will instantly receive SMS.
  4. SMS says ‘Congratulations !! 1 GB / 2 GB data will be credited in your account’
  5. Enjoy !!
  6. 2 Times per month.

What is extra data in Vi?

Thanks to this offer, Vi users can gain up to 2GB of additional data every month that is provided over the daily data limit at no extra cost. This offer does not activate automatically. Vi users will have to dial 121249 from their mobile number or activate this offer through the Vi app.

How can I get free 4GB data on Vodafone?

Customers will have to upgrade to the 4G SIM card from their nearest Vodafone store. Once the upgrade is done, customers will be assigned 4GB of free data. Vodafone customers who have been using 3G SIM cards are eligible to avail the offer.

How long does 2GB data last?

A 2GB data plan will allow you to browse the internet for around 24 hours, to stream 400 songs or to watch 4 hours of standard-definition video. Nowadays, the key difference between mobile phone price plans is how many gigabytes of data it comes with.