How can I get 5GB free data on Vodafone?

How can I get 5GB free data on Vodafone?

—The Rs 399 prepaid plan has also received Vodafone’s extra benefits offer. The prepaid plan now gets an additional 5GB data apart from the 1.5GB data per day. It also offers unlimited local and STD calls to all networks and has a validity of 56 days.

How can I get free internet on my Android phone?

Using a VPN service, you can get free internet on your Android device. VPN (Virtual Private Network) service that allows you to access the free internet safely and privately on your android. This free service protects all your personal data.

How can I get free internet on my phone?

Use VPN apps to access free Internet through wifi without service.

  1. Droid VPN.
  2. FLY VPN.
  3. Feat VPN.
  4. Troid VPN.
  5. SKY VPN.

How do I get free Internet on my Android?

How can I get free internet without using data?

Droid VPN is another popular free data VPN app which can be used for accessing free internet on android without data plan. The app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Does Vodafone provide free internet?

So don’t worry, Your operator does provide free internet offers and plan for their customers. For the reason that you can check plans from your operator by downloading your operator application from the Google play store. I mean Vodafone Official app, Isn’t it? So what I am going to tell you in this Article? This is a very crap question, isn’ it?

How to install Vodafone Internet on your device?

Call to the Vodafone Customer care, and they will send Vodafone internet setting on your device using an SMS, open that SMS and click on the Install button to install all the setting. How to share Vodafone Internet?

What is Vodafone mobile WiFi?

Why Vodafone Mobile WiFi? What is Mobile WiFi? Mobile WiFi is a small device that gives you internet access over a mobile network. It creates a short-range wireless network which any device with WiFi can connect to, such as laptops, tablets, games consoles or cameras. As with all WiFi networks, you can use a security key.

How much does Vodafone broadband cost?

Add to Vodafone Broadband for only €5 per month. Get Unlimited Mobile Broadband for €35 a month. 5G data where available. Plug it in and away you go.