How can I use free WhatsApp and Facebook on ufone?

How can I use free WhatsApp and Facebook on ufone?

Ufone – Free Facebook Offer: Unlimited Facebook on Ufone is now absolutely free! Dial *3434# for the best mobile Facebook experience available to U! | Facebook.

How can I use ufone Internet?

To activate the bundle, Ufone customers have to dial *3461# or use Ufone mobile app or website. To check remaining resources of this bundle, customers have to dial *706#. In the “Daily Light Bundle, customers will get 500 MB for Facebook, WhatsApp, Line and Twitter + 40 MB for other stuff in Rs. 12 for the whole day.

What is the code for Ufone?

Code of Commercial Practice

Segment Short Code Prepaid
Prepaid/Postpay/All Segments 333 Rs.1.5+tax on the IVR/Call Plus Rs.0.75+tax/Call to talk to the agent
Uth Pack 335 Zero
Retailers 475 Zero
Ufone Employees 475 N/A

How can I get 4G on Ufone?

Switch to a better internet experience with Ufone LTE/4G quality service….Dial *4# to check your compatibility and readiness to use Ufone LTE/4G quality service, if you have:

  1. Ufone LTE/4G enabled SIM.
  2. LTE/4G compatible handset.
  3. Ufone LTE/4G quality service’ coverage in your area.

How can I get free MB on Ufone WhatsApp?

Now every Ufone user can use Free WhatApp calls, video call or non-stop chats absolutely free. Simply dial *987# to avail this offer.

What is the code of free WhatsApp?

Free WhatsApp means you can talk with your friends and family. You can also call them without any charges on the Ufone network. Ufone Free WhatsApp Code is *987#. You can check the free WhatsApp remaining Data by dialling *706#.

What is the best Internet package of Ufone?

SAB SE BARI OFFER. Rs. 299 (Load) Internet: 40 GB.

  • WEEKLY INTERNET PLUS. Rs. 199 (Load)
  • SUPER INTERNET. Rs. 150 (Load)
  • YOUTUBE OFFER. Rs. 110 (Load)
  • INTERNET MAX OFFER. Rs. 80 (Load)
  • UFONE TIKTOK OFFER. Rs. 60 (Load)
  • Does Ufone have 5G?

    Ufone cellular data network This map represents the coverage of Ufone 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G mobile network. See also : Ufone mobile bitrates map and Telenor, Zong, Mobilink, Warid mobile networks coverage. 114 477 collected data since 06/01/2020 in displayed area.

    How can I get free balance in Ufone?

    Dial *124# for checking the remaining balance. Additional free balance is valid for calls made from Ufone to Ufone, Vfone and PTCL, GPRS, local MMS & SMS, balance enquiry and conversion of package on Ufone network.

    How can I get unlimited WhatsApp on Ufone?

    Please enter valid mobile number. or visit your nearest retailer, or subscribe through ‘My Ufone’ App….Monthly WhatsApp Offer.

    Price Rs.50 (load)
    To subscribe dial *987#

    Is 5G good?

    5G is the fifth generation It can provide higher speed, lower latency and greater capacity than 4G LTE networks. It is one of the fastest, most robust technologies the world has ever seen. That means quicker downloads, much lower lag and a significant impact on how we live, work and play.

    What is the 5G speed?

    5G can be significantly faster than 4G, delivering up to 20 Gigabits-per-second (Gbps) peak data rates and 100+ Megabits-per-second (Mbps) average data rates. 5G has more capacity than 4G. 5G is designed to support a 100x increase in traffic capacity and network efficiency.

    Does Ufone have LTE?

    Switch to a better internet experience with Ufone LTE/4G quality service.

    How to get free internet on Ufone?

    Complete details of the Ufone Free internet code are given below: To enjoy free internet follow these steps: Charges of offer: Rs. 0 Validity of offer: 7 Days Then select option 1 or 2 for either 4Gb or 5Gb Make sure you have Zero balance After dialing the USSD code Wait for about 5 minutes to receive a confirmation SMS Charges of offer: Rs. 0

    How to activate Ufone Sim in India?

    Ufone is the smallest networks provide in the country with almost 23 million Offer Charges Rs. 0 Dial *5000# To Activate Ufone Sim Enjoy 6000mbs, SMS And 3000 U2u And Ptcl Minute (Offer for those using Ufone sim for more than 1 month) Offer Charges Rs. 0 Dial *987# To Activate This Offer

    How to get free minutes and minutes on Ufone?

    Ufone customers who haven’t used their Ufone SIM for over 60 days can avail 3000 FREE On-net Minutes , 3000 FREE SMS to Other/All Networks and 3GB Absolutely FREE Internet Data for next 30 days from the date of activation. To activate the package now, dial *5000# and enjoy FREE 100MBs, Minutes and SMS each will be given out per day for 30 days.

    Does Ufone have 4G internet?

    Ufone has been working hard and diligently since its inception in 2022 and provides the best and affordable internet services to its customers. Moreover, the company has introduced its 4G services in different parts of the country, in February 2019. After the launch of this 4G service, Ufone launched many Ufone internet bundles