How can you tell a fake IWC Portofino?

How can you tell a fake IWC Portofino?

Forged IWC watches, however, will not be made with such close attention to detail. For example, you will often find numbers, hour markers, and hands that are mismatched in color. Fake IWC watches also tend to have the wrong fonts for numbers and letters, and often in the wrong sizes. The hands will also be too short.

Is IWC Portofino a good investment?

Are IWC Watches a Good Investment? Absolutely. As well as looking good, IWC watches can provide a fantastic opportunity for investment. The timepieces have a history of creeping up in value over the years, making them a great alternative to more well-known brands.

Where is the serial number on a IWC watch?

Where is the serial number on your IWC watch? The serial number can be found either on the case, the case back, or the movement. Either the serial number may be engraved on the outside of the case back, or on the inside of the case back. The latter means you will need to open your watch in order to access the number.

Are IWC watches quartz?

I have become fond of the peace of mind and easy wearability of a battery-powered wristwatch, and the IWC Pilot’s Chronograph ref. 3741 is just that. And it is actually a meca-quartz, despite the limited text on Chrono24 just stating “quartz”.

What is a Portuguese watch?

The key design elements of the Portuguese were a streamlined dial with Arabic numbers, a very thin bezel contributing to make the watch look even larger, leaf hands and a large sub dial at six o’clock for the seconds. Nonetheless, IWC used a great number of dial variations, hands and indices for the Portuguese ref.

How do I register my IWC watch?


  1. Register your timepiece by scanning the QR code of your warranty card or by entering your watch’s serial number.
  2. Enter your personal information.
  3. Click the confirmation email and finish your registration.

What kind of person wears IWC?

A man who wears an IWC is not only confident in who he is, but he also has nothing to prove in the way of style. He might be a family man but one who has not lost himself in the shadow of responsibility.

How long does IWC service take?

approximately 4 weeks
The time required for a service is approximately 4 weeks, dependant on the service needed.

How do I find my Audemars Piguet serial number?

In addition, watches also have a case number engraved on the outside of the case back. This is also called the serial number.

What is so special about IWC?

Simply put: IWC gets to flex their watchmaking muscles and show what they can really do (mechanically speaking) in this area and this is one of the main reasons why serious “watch-people” typically love them more than Rolex.

What is the price of a IWC watch?

Prices range from 4,100 to 46,500 USD. Those looking for models from the 70s and 80s will find plenty of interesting choices on the pre-owned market. Depending on the watch’s condition, you’ll encounter prices between 3,800 and 9,500 USD.

Why are IWC watches so thick?

The IWC Big Pilot has to be this thick because of its soft-iron inner case, which protects against magnetic fields.

What does IWC watch stand for?

International Watch Co.
Since they first combined cutting edge American engineering with Swiss craftsmanship in 1868, IWC (“International Watch Co.”) has continually pushed the boundaries of the luxury watch industry.

Is IWC warranty transferable?

The Warranty Extension applies to your IWC Schaffhausen watch and may be enjoyed by any subsequent purchaser or gift recipient of the watch.

How long is the IWC warranty?

Every IWC watch is carefully assembled by our trained watchmakers, then rigorously inspected and tested to ensure it meets our exacting requirements concerning quality and precision. Register now and become a member of My IWC and benefit from a 6-year extension to our standard 2-year International Limited Warranty.

Do IWC hold their value?

IWC. IWC, or International Watch Company is another brand of watches that holds value over time. Most well known for their Pilot watch, IWC truly mixes technology with luxury in every watch they create. IWC watches range in price from $3,000 to over $20,000.