How do I become a car dealer in Alberta?

How do I become a car dealer in Alberta?

Apply for a new salesperson registration

  1. You must apply for and pay for your AMVIC registration ($100) and enroll in the Salesperson Registration Course ($160).
  2. You must pass the Salesperson Registration Course final exam with a grade of 80 per cent or higher.

Do you need a license to sell cars in Alberta?

Automotive leasing licence class In order to complete a sales transaction on a lease buy-out to a consumer after the lease agreement ends, the business must have a sales licence as well.

What can you do with an AMVIC license?

Automotive businesses in Alberta, including sales, service and repair, consignment, lease, wholesale and agent or broker businesses must hold a valid AMVIC licence.

How do I start my own car dealership in Canada?

find a suitable and visible location where to display the motor vehicles to be sold; apply for the car dealership license and register with the Canadian Automobile Dealers Association; conclude contracts with auto vehicle producers in order to sell various types of motor vehicles.

Can I flip cars in Alberta?

Even if it is just one car purchased to flip, in other words reselling it to someone else, that seller would be required to have a salesperson registration and a retail sales licence from AMVIC– Alberta’s automotive regulator.

How much does AMVIC cost?

AMVIC levy ($6.25) – It is mandatory that the business pay the AMVIC levy. AMVIC uses levy revenue to fund the AMVIC Compensation Fund and to provide investigation and education programs. The business can pass along the cost of the levy to the consumer, but it cannot be presented as a mandatory government fee.

How do I start a car dealership in Canada?

In order to obtain a car dealership license, a company must: be registered with the Companies Register in the province it will operate (all provinces allow sole traders and partnerships to sell motor vehicles);

How do you get an Amvic license in Alberta?

1. Complete your salesperson registration application through AMVIC Online. 2. Once you have completed and paid for your application you may then register and pay for the course through the AMVIC online portal.

How much do Canadian car salesman make?

The average salary of Car Salesperson in Canada is $61,859. It varies according to the number of years of experience and according to the companies.

How do you get an AMVIC license in Alberta?

How many cars can I own in Canada?

As many as you can afford to buy. Of course if you intend to drive a vehicle on public roads in Canada, it will need to be properly registered with the Provincial Government of the Province that you live in. It needs to be properly insured , and have valid Provincial license plates on it.

What are the licenses required to sell cars in Alberta?

Alberta is located in western Canada. If you want to be a motor dealer in Alberta, you must have a license from the Alberta Motor Vehicle Industry Council. The dealer license allows you to purchase and sell both new and used cars. It also allows you to obtain used motor vehicles in part or whole and sell the vehicle in parts or whole.

How do I become a motor license dealer?

Research and ensure that you meet eligibility requirements. You need to be over 18 years old to become a motor license dealer, have been in charge of a dealership for at least two years, or have achieved the OMVIC certification license. You also need proof of approval from the municipality where the business will operate.

What is the purpose of a motor vehicle license?

It also allows you to obtain used motor vehicles in part or whole and sell the vehicle in parts or whole. It also allows you to negotiate on another person’s behalf for the sale or purchase of a motor vehicle. You also need a license if you lease, repair or maintain vehicles.

What do I do if my licence has expired?

Once your licence is issued, note the expiry date and ensure your licence is renewed prior to this date. Licensees must be able to provide confirmation of licensing on request. This can be done by providing a copy of the licence or by providing other confirmation that the business is properly licensed.