How do I change my ODS password?

How do I change my ODS password?

  1. If you forgot ODS password and wish to change it then follow below process.
  2. Shutdown OID using opmnctl stopall.
  3. Login to OID database with sys or system account and change password.
  4. Login to OID tier and move wallet file (password file to connect from OID tier to database) $ORACLE_INSTANCE/OID/admin/oidpwdXXXX.

How do I change my oid?

OID Modify Organisation

  1. 11. Access “My Organisations” list and select “Edit” for the organisation to update. 1.1.
  2. Modify the “Organisation data”
  3. Modify the “Legal Address”
  4. Modify the “Organisation Contact Person” 4.1.
  5. Modify Authorised Users. 5.1.
  6. Update documents.
  7. Submit the changes.
  8. Notifications.

What is OID number?

An OID number is a universally unique id, and is used in many different types of industries for identifying many different types of items and or entities.

What is system OID?

What is OID? OID or Object Identifier, is an identifier used to name and point to an object in the MIB hierarchy. As mentioned earlier, SNMP-enabled network devices (e.g. routers, switches, etc.) maintains database of system status, availability and performance information as objects, identified by OIDs.

How do I get OID?

Click File > Load MIB. In the Load a MIB File dialog box that opens, select the MIB file that contains the required tabular SNMP OID and click Open. The selected MIB file will be displayed in the left pane. Click on the folder and navigate to the required table OID.

What is an OID used for?

OIDs are typically attached to a certificate when it is created by a certificate authority using 3rd party software. For example, certificates can be associated with a policy represented by a numeric string (the OID) that controls how Acrobat will behave.

What is my OID number?

What is meant by OID?

An object identifier (OID) is an unambiguous, long-term name for any type of object or entity. The OID mechanism finds application in diverse scenarios, particularly in security, and is endorsed by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), and ISO.

What is a custom OID?

OIDs for SNMP Custom sensors. Object Identifiers (OIDs) are unique addresses of monitoring objects and are the key to a lot of information about your network that you can monitor via SNMP.

What is a OID number?

How do I find my OID?

How do I find my OID number?

OID and PIC number are obtained on the platform/portal of the European Commission, after entering basic information about the organization, such as the name, address, registration number, VAT/tax identification number, contact person, etc.

How do I check my OID certificate?

Open Properties. Open Extensions tab. Select Certificate Template Information. The OID will be visible in the description below after “Object identifier”