How do I get ADO at Cancun Airport?

How do I get ADO at Cancun Airport?

PICKUPS AND DROP OFFS. Cancun Airport has several terminals and the ADO Buses pick up from a range of very convenient locations right outside each terminal. The buses will drop you off at the ADO bus stations in Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Tulum, and Merida.

How many ADO stations are there in Cancun?

three bus stations
There are three bus stations in Cancun, but the main depot is at the corner of Tulum and Uxmal Avenues (right on the federal highway 307 as it cuts through the city of Cancun). The Cancun International Airport also has regular departures (every 30 minutes) from each terminal.

How much is the ADO bus from airport to Cancun?

$35 – $170
ADO operates a bus from Cancun International Airport T2 to CancĂșn Bus Station every 30 minutes. Tickets cost $35 – $170 and the journey takes 35 min.

Where is ADO bus Cancun Airport?

Once you passed thru the baggage carrousel and Customs you will find the “ADO” stand (ADO is the bus company name), right where the taxi booths are located. ADO booths are found in the three airport terminals in Cancun: passengers don’t need to move from one building to another to take the Bus.

How do I pay the ADO bus?

ADO bus stations usually accept cards, including foreign cards, and always accept cash (Mexican pesos only). Once you make your purchase, they will give you a long receipt which is also your ticket.

Is ADO safe in Mexico?

ADO buses are one of the safest ways to travel in Mexico. Passenger carry-on bags are searched, and every passenger must travel through a metal detector before boarding, so you can rest easy knowing that nobody will be bringing weapons on board.

How much is a taxi from Cancun airport to ADO bus station?

$280 – $340
The fastest way to get from Cancun Airport (CUN) to CancĂșn Terminal ADO is to taxi which takes 17 min and costs $280 – $340.

Can I buy ADO bus ticket online?

You can now buy tickets online directly through ADO’s website or on their app, ADO Movil.

Is there WIFI on ADO bus?

There is an open WIFI NETWORK on the bus ;however, that network is NOT connected to the internet. They do have USB ports and AC outlets to charge your phones and PCs though.

Are there toilets on ADO buses?

First off, ADO buses are generally well priced and incredibly comfortable, and depending on the class level they have at least one bathroom in the back of the bus.

Is the ADO bus from Cancun to Tulum safe?

ADO is the safest and most cost-effective way to get to Tulum from the Cancun airport. You can board the bus right at the airport and it will drop you at the bus station in downtown Tulum. The tickets cost about $15 USD and the journey takes about 2 hours.

Does ADO bus take credit cards?

ADO normally accepts credit cards at all locations.

Can you take luggage on ADO bus?

Checking Your Bags with ADO There is no limit to the number of bags you can check and no restrictions on the weight of your bags. If you are traveling ADO GL or Platino, you can usually check your bags about 30 minutes before boarding your bus.

How much is Uber from Cancun to Tulum?

I’ve been told that Uber has started operating again in the Cancun area, and an UberX ride from Cancun Airport to Tulum will cost you an estimate of $50.

How much is the ADO bus from Cancun to Tulum?

A one-way ticket on the Ado bus Cancun to Tulum will cost you 262 pesos (~ 13.70 USD), and the road trip takes roughly 2 hours and 5 minutes.

Can I use dollar in Cancun?

Pesos, being the national currency of Mexico, will be accepted absolutely anywhere. US dollars will be accepted throughout the Cancun Hotel Zone, but the further you venture into ‘real Mexico’ the more problems you may find in using USD for everyday purchases.

Where can I find Ado in Cancun airport?

ADO booths are in the 3 airport terminals in Cancun. Once you collect your baggage and go through Customs you will find the ADO stand, right next to the taxi booths. Cancun Airport Bus ADO offers periodic rides during the day, every 30 or 45 min.

Why choose ADO Cancun bus service?

Some of the advantages of acquiring an ADO Cancun Bus service from the airport are: Buses are spacious, so you can take bulky luggage. Your trips include Insurance. You can’t get an ADO at any point, only at their predetermined stations or points.

Does the ADO bus pick up at now Jade resort in Cancun?

Does the Ado bus pick up at the Now Jade Resort in Cancun and take you to Puerto Morelos and Playa del Carmen? No it does not. The Ado bus only stops in towns or at bus stations.

How much is the ADO bus ticket from Cancun airport to Tulum?

Ado bus ticket price from $80 to $228. More about Cancun Airport-QR to Tulum-QR bus schedule. – Departure at Ado Bus Station Cancun, Q.R. (Mapa)