How do I get AMCAT ID?

How do I get AMCAT ID?

You need to login to your myamcat account and visit the scores page to check AMCAT ID. Step 2: Visit the scores page from the left navigation. Alternatively, you can visit the My Scores page directly and you will see your AMCAT ID on the top left side of Scores block.

How can I check MyAMCAT score using test ID?

How do I check my AMCAT scores?

  1. Step 1: Log into your account using the credentials Login to MyAMCAT.
  2. Step 2: If the scores are generated, they will be visible on your dashboard.
  3. Step 3: Alternatively, you can visit the My Scores page directly after logging into your account.

How can I get username and password for AMCAT?

You can easily create an account on MyAMCAT from top navigation by clicking on the ‘Register’ button. Visit our homepage Click on Register button at the top of the homepage. Enter your email and set your password.

What is AMCAT Aspiring Minds test?

AMCAT (Aspiring Minds Computer Adaptive Test) is an AI-based computer adaptive test which evaluates job applicants on critical areas like communication skills, logical reasoning, quantitative skills, and job-specific domain skills thus helping recruiters identify the suitability of a candidate for different job roles.

Can we give AMCAT from mobile?

We have been getting a lot of queries from people asking if they can use their mobile phones to give AMCAT from home or if they can use a computer without a camcorder. However, as of now, only people who have a laptop or a computer with a camcorder can give the AMCAT exam from home.

What is AMCAT student ID?

AMCAT ID is a [14] digit unique ID generated when a candidate appears for the AMCAT. It is generated during the test taking process and is given to the candidate. The candidate should keep the AMCAT ID safely as it acts as a future reference for test scores, job interviews and offers.

How do I login to my amcat app?

Login using OTP: Visit the myamcat login page and click on Login using OTP, enter your email address and you will receive OTP on your email address. Enter the OTP, set the new password and you will be able to log into your account.

What is AMCAT registration?

Register for Free. AMCAT is the India’s Largest Employability Assessment Test which is recognized by 2,000+ companies. It gives candidates the detailed feedback that helps them to connect over 40,000 entry level jobs.

What is SHL aspiring minds?

Aspiring Minds, an SHL Company, is a global job skills credentialing leader set up with a vision to create a merit driven talent ecosystem and enable efficient job skills matching by crafting credible and intelligent assessments.

Can we cheat in aspiring minds?

No, you cannot open a new tab during the AMCAT exam. Doing so will lead to immediate disqualification. So, unless and until you have not submitted the exam, refrain from giving in to such temptations. But the thing is it’s an adaptive test, questions will be different for your neighbours.