How do I install PunkBuster on Battlefield 3?

How do I install PunkBuster on Battlefield 3?

Browse to your Battlefield 3 install folder and open pbsvc.exe. Select Install/Re-Install PunkBuster Service, click Next and wait for the installation to complete.

How do I download PunkBuster?

PunkBuster is installed along with your game, but if you need to install it again, here’s how:

  1. Go to Even Balance’s Punkbuster site.
  2. Download PunkBuster Setup (PBSetup).
  3. Double-click on the downloaded file.
  4. Extract it when you’re asked to.
  5. Run the extracted file and agree to the license terms.

What games use PunkBuster?

Games using PunkBuster

  • Assassin’s Creed 3.
  • Battlefield 2.
  • Battlefield 2142.
  • Battlefield 3.
  • Battlefield 1942.
  • Battlefield 4.
  • Battlefield Hardline.
  • Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

How do I install PunkBuster on my PC?

To use PBSetup:

  1. Download the appropriate version of PBSetup below.
  2. Run PBSetup.
  3. Click “Add a Game”
  4. Choose the game you wish to update and confirm the installation path.
  5. Click “Update PunkBuster” to update the installations.

Where can I find PunkBuster?

PunkBuster is installed automatically when you install a game that uses it. This software runs in the background on your PC.

Why do I get kicked by PunkBuster?

As you know, the PunkBuster service needs to run all the time while playing the game and it needs to restart once you shut down it. If the service is not running properly, you may receive the “you have been kicked by PunkBuster” error message.

Why is PunkBuster kicking me from Bf3?

If your getting kicked from Bf3 due to a PnkbstrA.exe error you may need to ensure that PnkbstrA.exe is in fact running. Check your processes list and check to see if PnkbstrA.exe and PnkbstrB.exe are listed along with checking services.

Can you install PunkBuster?

PunkBuster Service Installer (pbsvc) PunkBuster on the Windows™ operating system requires two running services. (PnkBstrA and PnkBstrB) Normally these are installed when the game is installed. If you’d like to manually install PnkBstrA and PnkBstrB, please download our PunkBuster service installer.

Does Battlefield still use PunkBuster?

PunkBuster is required for online play in: Battlefield 2. Battlefield 3. Battlefield 2142.

Is PunkBuster required?

If you’re playing an online multiplayer game released in the last few years, it doesn’t require PunkBuster.

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This might have been said before, been here since announcement of BF1, havent seen it, but, for me, this is really important for immersion. In Battlefield 3, there was A LOT of swearing from the soldiers, as it should be, war isent pretty, and when you are under stress, people tend to swear, that’s how it is now, and how is was back then.

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