How do I pass all ACCA exams in first attempt?

How do I pass all ACCA exams in first attempt?

To pass ACCA first time around it’s key to be calm and focused. So, make sure to eat well, get enough sleep, exercise, drink enough water, and take breaks when you need to. In addition, try and stick to a schedule so you can keep track of where you are and what’s left to do.

Who scored highest marks in ACCA?

One such celebrated example of talent is Ali Shan, who scored the world’s highest marks in ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants). Ali Shan has scored the highest marks in ACCA examinations worldwide.

How can I get good marks in ACCA?

‘To succeed in the exams, it is crucial that you are well prepared by covering the entire syllabus and working through past exam papers. It is also important that you read through ACCA’s exam resources, the examiner’s reports and technical articles, especially when preparing for Professional level papers.

What is the easiest ACCA skills paper?

Difficulty level of each paper As such, from the below table, it can be inferred that F1 (Accountant in Business) is the easiest paper with highest pass rate of 85% in June 2019, while P7 (Advanced Audit and Assurance) is the toughest paper with lowest pass rate of 30% in March 2019.

How difficult is it to clear ACCA in the first attempt?

ACCA requires only 50% marks to consider the attempt successful, which is relatively easy to score. It is always advisable to take proper coaching from experienced ACCA faculty to increase your chances of success manifolds.

Can I clear ACCA in first attempt?

You’ll do better in your ACCA exams if you give yourself time for what you’ve learned to go into your long-term memory rather than relying on your short-term. This means you’ll be much more likely to pass ACCA on your first attempt if you leave plenty of time for revision.

How much is ACCA cash prize?

Prizes are worth £500 each and will be awarded to the students who achieve the highest marks in the Applied Skills (excluding LW) and Strategic Professional exams during the year.

Who got first position in ACCA?

Congratulations to Mahin Ahmed for getting 1st position Globally in FA1 (Recording Financial Transactions).

Can an average student pass ACCA?

Now answering your question, yes you will be able to do it if you put your full efforts. Your 12th grades/marks cannot stop you from doing anything further in life. ACCA salary is equivalent to that of a Chartered accountant. The average salary is around 7-8 lakh p.a.

Which is the hardest paper in ACCA?

For most students, Audit Assurance is generally considered to be the toughest paper, especially at this level. For the Applied Skills exams, along with Performance Management, this is the subject that I get the most queries about. (You’ll find plenty of videos on these on my channel.

Why do I keep failing ACCA?

If you keep failing ACCA exams and your mark was in the 30s or below, knowledge was your issue. That might be because you tried question spotting (which doesn’t work), you weren’t disciplined about your study time, or maybe you wasted time making notes without actually learning anything.

Do ACCA marks matter?

Not really, your marks will not be reflected in your ACCA certificates. Most of the time even your employer won’t bother to ask you about the number of attempts or your marks in the ACCA paper, as none of these will be mentioned in the certificate.

Who is Zara Naeem?

Zara Naeem is a brilliant and stunning Pakistani student who made her country Pakistan proud by securing the highest marks in ACCA exams detained in December 2020. She remained a topper throughout her educational period and always stand on her parent’s expectations. Her father served as an Army officer.

What is the hardest ACCA exam?

How to download ACCA P1 past exam papers?

ACCA P1 Past Exam Papers are now available for download; now you can download ACCA P1 Past Exam Papers by just clicking on one link. ACCA P1 Past Exam Papers are in PDF format. You can view these documents through different PDF Viewer, for example, Adobe Acrobat.

How do you apply the information in past papers?

Tip 4: APPLY the information in Past Papers. Either do them youself and look at your mistakes to learn retrospectively, or copy out the answers in your OWN words in a manner which you understand and learn whilst doing. If you just blindly copy word for word what the examiner has written you will learn NOTHING.

Can I look at past F6 exam questions?

Looking at past questions for TX (which is what F6 is now called) would be meaningless because the tax rules change each year. You need to buy a Revision Kit from one of the ACCA approved publishers, because they are full of exam questions that have been updated for the current tax rules.