How do I record a LoadRunner script?

How do I record a LoadRunner script?

Steps to record LoadRunner script:

  1. Open VuGen on your machine.
  2. Go to the menu bar and click ‘File’ and select ‘New Script and Solution’
  3. A dialogue box named ‘Create a New Script’ will open.
  4. Select ‘Single Protocol’ or ‘Multiple Protocols’ from the Category list shown in the left (Figure 03).

How long does it take to learn LoadRunner?

How much time requires learning LoadRunner training? It is 50 hours of Study, if you take regular classes it will take 40 days or if you go with Weekend classes it will take 5 to6 weekends.

What is rendezvous point?

A rendezvous is a meeting, often a secret one, that you have arranged with someone for a particular time and place.

What is the difference between Web_reg_find and Web_find?

Q #23) What is the difference between web_reg_find and web_find? Answer: web_reg_find function is processed before the request sent and is placed before the request in the VuGen script whereas a web_find function is processed after the response of the request comes and is placed after the request in VuGen script.

What are the types of checkpoints is available in LoadRunner?

Hi ,We have two types of web check in LR1. Image check2. Text checkwhat is Image Check : VuGen allows you to add a user-defined check that searches for an image on a Web page during the run.

What language does LoadRunner use?

ANSI C programming language
Scripting Languages LoadRunner client emulation scripts are usually created using the ANSI C programming language. However, Java and . Net programs can also be run by LoadRunner. Version 12.50 added the use of JavaScript for Web-HTTP/HTML scripts.

How do you formulate and execute test scripts in LoadRunner?

As I mentioned there are five major steps to perform the test using LoadRunner, so they are: Script Creation. Scenario Creation. Test Execution and Monitoring….1. Script Creation:

  1. Script Creation:
  2. Scenario Creation:
  3. Test Execution and Monitoring:
  4. Result Gathering and Analysis:
  5. Reporting:

Where is the rendezvous point?

The rendezvous point lay near the coordinates 2.427 by 3.886 by 673.52 above the galactic plane.

What is rendezvous point in Jmeter?

Rendezvous point in load testing is a point where an expected number of users wait till all of them are emulated, and then all virtual users send request at one time. This point is created to check the behavior of application where it might get a huge number of requests at a particular time.

Which components have you used in LoadRunner?

The key components of LoadRunner are:

  • Load Generator generates the load against the application by following scripts.
  • VuGen (Virtual User Generator) for generating and editing scripts.
  • Controller controls, launches and sequences instances of Load Generator – specifying which script to use, for how long etc.

What is Web_reg_save_param in LoadRunner?

LoadRunner Scripting. ‘web_reg_save_param’ is a LoadRunner function which is used to handle the dynamic values coming from the server in the response. The basic concept of the dynamic value has already been covered in the ‘Correlation – Overview’ topic.

What is the difference between Lr_error_message and Lr_debug _message?

lr_error_message occurs when there is an error in the code of the application. On the other hand lr_debug _message occurs when there is a flaw in the functionality of the program.