How do I reorder parameters in Catia?

How do I reorder parameters in Catia?

Ordering Parameters To reorder parameters, right-click the parameter to be reordered, and select Reorder… . The Reorder dialog box is displayed. In the specification tree, click a parameter below which the parameter to be reordered will be located. Click OK when done.

How do you write a rule in Catia?

Using Rules

  1. Select the KwrStartDocument item in the specification tree.
  2. Access the Knowledge Advisor workbench from the Start>Knowledgeware menu.
  3. Click the rule icon.
  4. Replace the Rule.
  5. Type the code below into the edition box or copy/paste it from your browser to the edition box.
  6. Click Apply .

What is Catia knowledgeware?

Knowledgeware is a group of techniques that you can use to control parameters based on your knowledge of the model and its intended application. Incorporating Knowledgeware into model and analysis parameters allows other users to work with the model more effectively.

How do I create a formula in Catia?

In the Knowledge toolbar, select the Formula icon. In the New Parameter of type pull-down list, select Curve, then click the New Parameter of type button. Ensure that the created parameter Curve. 1 is highlighted in the list of parameters and click the Add Formula button.

How do I add parameters to Catia v5?

Click the icon to add a new parameter in the created parameter set. The Parameter Explorer dialog box is displayed. In the specification tree, select the Parameter Set you want to add a parameter to. The name of the parameter set is displayed in the Feature field of the Parameter Explorer dialog box.

How do I delete a design table in Catia?

In the specification tree, right-click the design table to be deleted, then select Delete .

How do I create a design table in Catia v5?

The design table creation process includes the following steps:

  1. Create a table from the document parameters.
  2. Select the parameters to add to the design table.
  3. Specify a file to contain the generated design table.
  4. Edit the generated CATIA design table.
  5. Apply the design table to your document.

Is Catia a parametric software?

Since then, the parametric paradigm has been employed in almost every mainstream CAD program, including SOLIDWORKS, Autodesk Inventor, Creo Parametric, CATIA, NX, and Onshape. If you’ve done any CAD modeling in the past two decades, chances are you’re familiar with history-based parametric design.

What is Parametric Modelling in Catia?

In Parametric Modelling, the Parameters which user creates for controlling the dimensions and features are called User Parameters. Formulas. Formulas are the relations between different geometrical entities and parameters.

What is a Catia parameter?

Parameters play a prominent role in Knowledgeware applications. They are features that can be constrained by relations and they can also be used as the arguments of a relation. In addition to these parameters, CATIA allows you to create user parameters .

How do I display parameters in Catia v5?

Displaying Parameters in the Specification Tree The user parameters are displayed in the specification tree provided you check the Parameters box in the Display tab in the Tools>Options>Infrastructure>Part Infrastructure dialog box.

How do I edit a design table in Catia?

To edit the table click “Edit Table” in the bottom left hand corner of the dialog box; the design table will open as an Excel spreadsheet. 8. Insert the values in each row to add different design options.

Is CATIA hard to learn?

Catia is a great investment for big manufacturers but has a steep learning curve and it’s worth the investment if you’re sure to use it for years. Catia will also provide you with customized programs dedicated to different industries.

How do I create a parametric model in Catia?

Parametric Design in CATIA V5

  1. Step 1: Some Essential Setups (Important) Select these options.
  2. Step 2: Creating Parameters.
  3. Step 3: creating parameters.
  4. Step 4: Creating Model.
  5. Step 5: Edit formula.
  6. Step 6: complete your design.
  7. Step 7: Edit formula.
  8. Step 8: complete your design.

Is CATIA a parametric software?

How do I create a parametric model in CATIA?

How do I show measurements in Catia?

Right-click the dimension and in the contextual menu, choose Properties. Click the Dimension Line tab and then select Symbol 2 to display two-symbols dimension, or clear this check box to display one-symbol dimension.