How do I reset my brother label machine?

How do I reset my brother label machine?

Turn off the label machine.

  1. Hold down the Shift key and the letter R key.
  2. While holding down the keys, press the Power key once to turn on the label machine.
  3. Release the keys. “English” should be displayed.
  4. – If “English” is not displayed, repeat step 1 – 4.
  5. “inch” will be displayed and press the Enter key.

Why is my brother label maker not working?

If your label maker won’t turn on, you should make sure the batteries are not dead or about to run out. Replace the old batteries with six new AAA batteries. Make sure you replace them properly using this Battery Replacement Guide. Check the upper battery terminals.

How do I reset my P-touch label maker?

You can reset the internal memory of your P-touch when you want to clear all saved label files, or in the event the P-touch labeler is not operating correctly. Turn off the P-touch. While holding down the Shift and R keys, press the Power key to turn the P-touch back on. Release the Shift and R keys.

How do I change the label length on my Brother P-touch?

FAQs & Troubleshooting

  1. Press the [Label] key ( / ).
  2. Press the [Cursor] key ( ) until [Label Length] is displayed.
  3. Press the [OK] key ( ).
  4. Press the [Cursor] key ( ) until your desired length is displayed. ( AUTO or 30 – 300 mm / 1.2″ – 12.0″)
  5. Press the [OK] key ( ) to apply the setting.

What tape does the Brother P-Touch use?

1. Brother Ptouch Tape Types: Laminated tape – TZe Series Tapes: Laminated tape sticks to virtually any surface and is durable enough to withstand scrapes and abrasions.

Are Brother P-Touch labels removable?

The split back of the P-Touch label tape can be removed with ease, which makes Brother TZe replacement label tape simple to peel and apply to tables and shelves made of steel, wood, plastic and more.

How do I change the P-touch label size?

Set the label size, length, and margins – P-touch Editor 5. x

  1. Click the Paper tab. at the top of the Inspector window.
  2. Make sure the label machine is selected as the printer.
  3. Under Media size, click the Detect Size and Color button to detect the roll size and color.
  4. Set the Length if desired.
  5. Set the Margins if desired.

What is the label length on P-touch?

Note: The Length of a label can be set from 1.2 inch up to 12 inches; the default is Auto. Note: To return to Auto press the Space bar key (below the X key). In Auto the machine will automatically change the length to fit the text.

How do I connect my printer labels to my computer?

Install the label printer

  1. Connect the printer to the correct port:
  2. For USB models, connect the USB cable to a port on the back of the computer.
  3. For Ethernet models, connect to a port on your router or switch.
  4. Connect the printer to a power source.
  5. Turn on the printer.
  6. Go to Devices and Printers on your computer.