How do you beat the Fire Vellumental origami King?

How do you beat the Fire Vellumental origami King?

The only attacks you should use are attacks with your iron-type Boots.

  1. Use your iron-type Boots to attack and cause the Fire Vellumental to lose feathers.
  2. Open chest to reveal Water Vellumental Magic Circles.
  3. Allow Fire Vellumental to discard its feathers for a couple of rounds.
  4. Use Water Vellumental.

How do you beat the final boss in Paper Mario origami King?

Choose Ice to counter Earth and watch him freeze. Follow up with a 1,000 Folded Arms attack to start draining his HP. If you should have to deal with the Fire Vellumental, be careful to avoid the feathers Olly starts dropping on you. You’ll get burned if they hit you, but that’s something you can come back from.

How is Earth Vellumental power used?

Turn 4

  1. Spin the outermost ring four segments clockwise.
  2. Spin the second ring in four segments clockwise.
  3. Burn your third move by hitting A twice.
  4. You’ll pick up a heart on your way to the Earth Vellumental Magic Circle. Activate it, and you’ll ride out the Big Wave without taking any damage.

How do I beat Fire Vellumental Olly?

When Olly turns into the fire Vellumental, he will shoot out molten feathers that Mario will need to avoid. Use the Magic Circle to turn Oliva into the water Vellumental, causing her to attack him. Then, use the 1,000-Fold Arms again to attack him while he is weakened.

Which Vellumental beats Fire Olly?

For the Earth Vellumental, you’ll want to use the Ice Vellumental to counter and freeze this boss. After you’ve frozen the boss, spend your next turn hitting the ON tile and using the 1,000 Folded Arms attack to deal about 50% damage to Olly.

How do you beat the stapler in Paper Mario?

Bite Barrage – Stapler stands on its side and bites into Mario multiple times. Press and hold A to reduce damage from this attack, and repeatedly press A once the attack is over to shake loose any staples on Mario. If during this attack, Stapler does not have any staples remaining, each bite does zero damage.

Is there a secret ending in Paper Mario: The Origami King?

To get the Secret Ending (True Ending), you need to 100% clear all areas and get the 15 trophies available at the Museum in Toad Town.

What Vellumental is against fire Olly?

If Olly transforms into the Fire Vellumental, a ton of flaming feathers will hit the arena. Make your way over to the Vellumental magic circle and douse both the feathers and Olly with the Water Vellumental attack. Once Olly is stuck to the ground, whip out your 1,000-Fold Arms to deal some damage.