How do you become a sister for Girl Scouts?

How do you become a sister for Girl Scouts?

While enjoying snack as a group, have each girl share with the group one thing that she is going to do at home or at school to show others that she is a sister to every Girl Scout. Ideas include: Make up a cool handshake with a friend, and then teach it to other girls who want to learn it.

How do you get multiple daisy petals?

Other Daisy Girl Scout petals that you can earn at one troop meeting are: Green “Use Resources Wisely” and Rose “Make the World a Better Place” You can use an old milk carton or soda bottle, make a planter and plant a flower. Transplant the flowers when they are too big for the container.

How do you get Tula petals?

Find a person who is courageous and strong, either in real life or in a book, movie, or TV show. Tell your family about that person and why you think they are courageous and strong. Congratulations! You’ve earned your Tula petal.

How do you earn Petal authority respect?

Earning the Gerri the Geranium Petal patch the Girl Scout Badge Explorer says: Talk about “Gerri’s Story” Visit someone who has authority in your community, such as a police officer, firefighter, or your school principal. Practice respecting authority.

What do Daisy troops do?

What do Girl Scouts do? As a Daisy Girl Scout, your daughter would have the opportunity to have FUN, make new friends, travel to exciting places, enjoy council programs, experience outdoor activities and learn new life skills. Don’t forget how much she will love selling Girl Scout cookies!

How do you get red daisy petals?

10 Ways to Earn Your Courageous and Strong Petal

  1. Visit a fire or police station.
  2. Try something new: A new sport or game, anything to step outside your comfort zone.
  3. Work a cookie booth.
  4. Read My Brave Year of Firsts.
  5. Visit a karate class.
  6. Talk about when you have been brave.
  7. Talk about when other women have been brave.

How do you earn petal authority respect?

Do they still have Brownie troops?

The Girl Scouts of the USA has six levels: Daisy, Brownie, Junior, Cadette, Senior and Ambassador.