How do you conduct a talking circle?

How do you conduct a talking circle?

The participants sit in a circle and pass a talking stick or an eagle feather from one to the other, always to the left. The holder of the (sacred) object is the one allowed to speak. All other participants must give their full attention to the speaker and not interrupt.

What is a traditional talking circle?

The TRADITIONAL “TALKING—CIRCLE” is a very old way of bringing NATIVE PEOPLE of all ages together in a quiet, respectful manner for the purposes of TEACHING, LISTENING, LEARNING, SHARING.

How do you end a talking circle?

If someone does not wish to speak, they simply pass the token. The token may go around several times; when everyone has had the opportunity to speak as many times as they wish, the conductor ends the circle. The most common type of circle is a simple sharing circle, where people just share whatever they have to say.

What are indigenous circles?

Introduction. Many Aboriginal communities and urban Aboriginal people in the field of social services are utilizing Healing Circles, Talking Circles or Sharing Circles as a way of providing group support for people who are dealing with issues such as addictions, violence, grief, and trauma.

How do you start a healing circle?

Starting a Circle of More

  1. Welcome and transition into circle: stepping away from what you’ve been doing, taking a deep breath, and committing yourself to being fully in the circle.
  2. Checking in: sharing how your particular journey is going.
  3. Learning: harvesting the collective wisdom of the group.
  4. Closing/checking out.

How do healing circles work?

Healing circles are often called hocokah in the Lakota language, which means a sacred circle and is also the word for altar. The hocokah consists of people who sit together in a talking circle, in prayer, in ceremony, and are committed to helping one another and to each other’s healing.

What are healing circles?

What do circles mean in Native American culture?

The circle is symbolic of equality, where no person is more prominent than any other person. Circle meetings ensured that all people were allowed to speak and the words spoken were accepted and respected on an equal basis. A circle around other Native American symbols signifies family ties, closeness & protection.

How do you open a woman’s circle?

9 Steps to Start Your Own Women’s Circle

  1. Focus on a theme.
  2. Find collaborators.
  3. Set a powerful intention.
  4. Be open and vulnerable.
  5. Practice listening.
  6. Guide a Yoga Nidra or meditation.
  7. Add Mudras for womb wisdom.
  8. If it makes you happy, just do it.

What are trauma circles?

These Circles explore Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and raise awareness of the prevalence of ACEs throughout society. We’ve found that sharing, addressing and examining the impacts of childhood trauma through open dialogue creates a tremendous opening for healing to begin.

What is the spiritual meaning of circle?

It represents the notions of totality, wholeness, original perfection, the Self, the infinite, eternity, timelessness, all cyclic movement, God (‘God is a circle whose centre is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere’ (Hermes Trismegistus)).

Why are circles sacred?

“The circle symbol meaning is universal, sacred and divine. It represents the infinite nature of energy, and the inclusivity of the universe. Our ancient kin observed a circular aspect to the cycles of time, specifically in the movements of the seasons.

What happens in a womens circle?

Women’s circles are an opportunity to meet with others from all walks of life and share the wisdom of experience. Rather than carrying on as normal during their menstrual cycle – or attempting to ignore it altogether – women are encouraged to rest and honour a time of natural change in the body.

How do you host a sister in a circle?


  1. Choosing a gathering time.
  2. Inviting up-to 9 women to participate (these can be friends, family members, or soon-to-be friends).
  3. Welcoming participants and fostering connection and presence.
  4. Facilitating the Sister Circle.

What is a spiritual healing circle?

What are the different types of circles?

There are three different types of circles which are tangent circles, concentric circles, and congruent circles.

What does a circle symbolize in love?

From the earliest of times, the circle has been a symbol of completeness, a symbol of committed love. An unbroken and never ending circle symbolizes a commitment of love that is also never ending.

What is meant by circle of life?

The Circle of Life, as a philosophical concept, means that we start at the end and end in the beginning. Our lives, from beginning to end resemble a complete full circle. No matter how big or small the circle is, it ends in the exact same way for everyone.

What does a circle symbolize in Christianity?

The circle is pre-Christian and its original symbolic meaning has been adopted by Christianity. It is universally known as the symbol of eternity and never-ending existence. Extremely common on gravesites, its usual representation is a cross surrounded by circle.

What are sister circles?

Sister Circles is a group for women of self-identified women of color who gather as a collective community. This group was designed to provide a secure space for women of color to explore their identity/s, discuss challenges and strengths, and explore the needs of women in different spheres of life.

What makes people talk in circles?


  • Apologists
  • Babysteppers
  • Support of plant based capitalism (PBC)
  • How to conduct Talking Circles?

    Forums or Discussion Boards

  • Chat rooms
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  • How to use talking circles for deep communication?

    Participants can indicate their desire to speak by raising their hands or waiting for the object to be passed to them around the circle.

  • All comments are addressed directly to the question or the issue,not to comments another person has made.
  • Both negative and positive comments about what anyone else has to say should be avoided.
  • What are Native American talking circles?

    The Talking Circle is a traditional way for Native American people to communicate and to even solve problems. By allowing people free expression in the Sacred Space of the Circle, those in circle are empowered to find their voice—and to feel heard and supported.