How do you dress like West Side Story?

How do you dress like West Side Story?

If you want to channel Bernardo from the film version, wear black jeans, a black T-shirt and a tucked-in but unbuttoned red collared shirt. If you’re going to a costume party as a couple, dress up as “West Side Story”‘s famous star-crossed lovers, Tony and Maria.

What are the dresses from West Side Story called?

Oscar-nominated costume designer Paul Tazewell reveals how he chose to dress the Sharks, the Jets, Maria, and Anita for one of the film’s most memorable scenes.

What did the Sharks wear in West Side Story?

For the Sharks, though, he chose to reference black-and-white imagery from Manhattan in the 1950s and 1960s, pulling guayaberas — a men’s summer shirt, characterized by two vertical pleats — polo shirts, and high-waisted pants for the film.

Where are the Jets from in West Side Story?

New York City
On the west side of New York City, the Jets and the Sharks are Polish and Puerto Rican gangs respectively who hate each other and who battle each other for territory in their neighborhood.

Who was the costume designer for West Side Story?

Paul TazewellWest Side Story (2021) / Costume design

Who was the costume designer for the original West Side Story?

Designer Paul Tazewell
Go Behind the Seams of ‘West Side Story’ With Costume Designer Paul Tazewell (Exclusive) | A. frame. Paul Tazewell created the costumes for one of the biggest musicals in the world, Hamilton, and won a Tony Award for doing so.

Why is Maria’s dress white?

The fact that it is white is representative of innocence and purity, the connection to the Catholic church. It almost feels like a confirmation dress. West Side Story’s costumes are intentional and actually speak to the character’s journeys with the color palettes specifically.

What kind of dress did Anita Wear in West Side Story?

Anita’s marigold dress was a challenge for Paul Tazewell, but it turned out to be absolutely stunning. He was against the costume that Rita Moreno (Anita in West Side Story, 1961) wore on that rooftop while singing and dancing to “America”.

What color was Maria’s dress in West Side Story?

While speaking with CinemaBlend, Tazewell shared why the production chose to keep one costume between the West Side Story movies very much the same. In his words: Bernardo’s red shirt was one request and the other one was that iconic white dress that we remember of Maria [would remain the same as the original].

What ethnicity are Maria and Anita?

Puerto Rican
They are both Puerto Rican. Anita is knowing, sexual and sharp. Maria is excited, enthusiastic and childlike, but also growing into an adult. Maria complains that the dress is too young-looking, but Anita explains that Bernardo, her boyfriend and Maria’s brother, made her promise not to make the dress too short.

Who was the costume designer for West Side Story 2021?

Who designed the costumes for the Wiz live?

Paul Tazewell
Paul Tazewell, costume designer for The Wiz Live!, is at the top of his game. Fresh off a Tony win for his work on Hamilton, Tazewell says he feels as though he’s “on a cloud” right now.

Why do the Jets hate the Sharks?

The Jets hate the Sharks because the Sharks are trying to take the Jets’ land.

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