How do you get the sports tie in Octodad?

How do you get the sports tie in Octodad?

Notes: The claw doesn’t drop down far enough to grab the tie, so Octodad must squish into the prize hole and physically go inside the game to grab the Green Stripey tie.

Where is second tie Octodad?

the reception room
It’s on the first door Octodad has to pass through on his way to find his tuxedo. The second tie is in the reception room, under the cartoonishly sized wedding cake. Grab the bottom section, or dismantle it piece by piece, to uncover the second tie of the game.

Where are the three ties in Octodad?

“Octodad’s favorite necktie!” On the doorknob from the dressing room to the reception area. “Some of these spots are just cake frosting.” Underneath the wedding cake in the reception area.

How do you get the best man in Octodad?

You’ll notice a fish flapping on what is presumably the groom’s side of the church. Grab it and bring it to the altar. Drop him on the altar, not the floor, and put the ring on Scarlet’s finger. Make sure he doesn’t flop off the altar or the achievement doesn’t count.

Where is the employee uniform Octodad?

Inside the trolley you’ll find an employee’s uniform. To complete the disguise grab the glasses in the ticket booth then climb up the ladder and grab the ‘crate-opening tool’. Swing it at the crate to break it open and grab the Mermaid’s hair. With your costume complete you can head now into the ladies’ room.

Where is the wedding ring in octodad?

Yep, it’s in the treasure chest to the right of the altar.

How do you use the shark costume in Octodad?

To get the Joe the Shark costume, climb the ladder on the Amazon Arcade side of the aquarium and make your way on the marquis. Line Octodad up with the cart of fabulous souvenirs and dive in. The cart will roll out of the sight of the biologists. Jump out and put on the costume.

Where are the ties in Octodad silent but Dadly?

It’s basically in front of one of the biologists, under a snake plushy. Wait until the biologist is pointing his light in another direction and quickly grab it. The next tie is in the bathroom, after you set off the alarm in the break room.

How do you marry the best man in octodad?

How do you get the frozen pizza in octodad?

Make your way through the freezer section of your local grocer by climbing over the first set of shelves, and through the bottom of the second. A stiff breeze will push Octodad up through the ductwork and drop him right where the frozen pizza is.

How do you get the silent but Dadly achievement in Octodad?

The simplest way is to just use the overturned bin to make your way to the ladies’ room. Once inside, climb through the air duct, which will carry you into the break room. Inside the break room is a chance to score an achievement and the Silent But Dadly achievement, as well.

Where are the ties in the grocery store in octodad?

The first tie in Gervason’s Grocery is located in the produce section, in the crate of bananas. It’s a banana tie and requires you to move some banana bunches around to find it. The second tie is behind the deli counter. There are three cubes of meat in the corner.

Where are the ties in sea legs Octodad?

The first tie in Sea Legs is in one of the cod crates on the deck. It’s much easier to get this when you’re wearing the captain’s outfit, and you can do it while pursuing the Oh Captain, My Captain achievement. The next tie is below the walkway to the helm, sitting on the very edge of the ship’s structure.