How do you loosen a Vise-Grip?

How do you loosen a Vise-Grip?

Pull or turn the object with the pliers until you loosen it or remove it. Press the tab on the inside of the handle to release the mouth of the pliers after you finish pulling or turning the object.

What sizes do vice grips come in?

Adjustable Pressure

IRWIN VISE-GRIP The Original Long Nose Locking Pliers with Wire Cutter
Available Sizes 9″, 6″, 4″
Jaw Capacities 2-3/4″, 2″, 1-5/8″
Usage Precision work in narrow spaces; twisting, turning, clamping
The Original

What is the difference between a vice grip and wrench?

Like: a vise grip uses the principle of the lever and the principle of wedging and the pipe wrench uses the principle of a squashing rhombus, with sharp bitey teeth and levering and wedging to grab a pipe in one direction and release in the other.

What are the different types of vice grips?

Vise Grip

  • Vise-Grip Original Locking Welding Clamp (9R)
  • Irwin Vise-Grip 4008 Replacement Part, Spring (052ZR)
  • Vise-Grip Spring #22 (22VGS)
  • Vise-Grip Spring #52 (52VGS)
  • 20R Vise-Grip Original Locking Chain Clamp (20R)
  • 10R 10″ The Original™ Vise-Grip Straight Jaw Locking Pliers (10R)

Who made the original Vise-Grip?

William Petersen
William Petersen was a Danish immigrant who invented the first locking pliers in his blacksmith shop, and began selling them from the trunk of his car to farmers and people in surrounding towns. He patented his new idea and called it Vise-Grip.

When should you use a vice grip?

Vice grips are used for just about anything you can think of. For house projects they can be used to temporarily hold a long straight edge on plywood so you can mark a line. They can also be used to remove stripped bolt heads if they are not too tight.

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What’s the difference between pliers and Vise-Grip?

Locking pliers (also called Vise-Grips, a vice grip, or a Mole wrench) are pliers that can be locked into position, using an “over-center” cam action. Locking pliers are available with many different jaw styles, such as needle-nose pliers, wrenches, clamps and various shapes to fix metal parts for welding.

What’s the difference between pliers and vise grip?