How do you pronounce Iubhair?

How do you pronounce Iubhair?

Loch Iubhair pronounced yoo-ar meaning yew loch, is a freshwater loch, located in Glen Dochart, and 4 miles east of the village of Crianlarich.

What does coire mean in Scottish?

coire f (genitive singular coire, plural coireannan) fault, offense, wrong, trespass, sin.

Where is Loch Lubhair?

Glen Dochart
Loch Lubhair, Stirling Loch Iubhair pronounced yoo-ar meaning yew loch, is a freshwater loch, located in Glen Dochart, and 4 miles east of the village of Crianlarich.

What does auchter mean in Scottish?

“Auchter” – high ground, from the Gaelic “air uachdair” which means “on top of”. Auchtermuchty is “high ground of the pig-rearing” and Auchterarder is the “upland of the high stream”.

What does a Cala mean in Gaelic?

cala. Scottish Gaelic (gla) Harbour. Home.

Why do Irish people say Fillum?

In this video, academic David Crystal explains that Shakespeare used to write out his words phonetically to indicate how they should be pronounced. An early text of Romeo and Juliet shows that Shakespeare wrote film as “philome”. As in, “fillum”.

How do you say forest in Scottish?

The most common Gaelic name for forest is coille, a word found variously in Coillhallan in Stirlingshire, or Coilleghille in the Highlands. The equivalent in Welsh is coed. You find also the word doire in Scotland, which translates as a grove or thicket.

Can you wild swim in Loch Lomond?

2. Loch Lomond. Take your pick of wild swimming spots on Loch Lomond, Scotland’s largest freshwater loch. Beautiful Loch Lomond is edged with sandy beaches and shallow pebbly shores, making this the perfect place for paddling.

Where is Loch Tay Scotland?

Perth and Kinross
Loch Tay (Scottish Gaelic: Loch Tatha) is a freshwater loch in the central highlands of Scotland, in the Perth and Kinross and Stirling council areas. It is the largest body of fresh water in Perth and Kinross, and the sixth largest loch in Scotland.

What does Strath mean in Scottish?

a wide valley
It is commonly used in rural Scotland to describe a wide valley, even by non-Gaelic speakers. In Scottish place-names, Strath- is of Gaelic and Brittonic origin. Strath- names have the genesis with Gaelic srath meaning “broad-valley”, as well as with the Cumbric and Pictish cognates (c.f. Welsh ystrad).

Why do the Irish say himself?

In Scottish and Irish English, “himself”—and “herself”—are used to refer to someone of importance, like the lord of the castle or the master of the house.

What do Irish call movies?

Film: pronounced “fill-um”. AMONG IRISH PEOPLE’S numerous quirks is our unique pronunciation of the word “film”. It’s not film. It’s always fillum.

What is the Celtic word for tree?

Gaelic craobh
Gaelic craobh (pronounced kroov) means ‘tree’, and derives from Old Irish cráeb, cróeb.

Why are Crannogs built on water?

With over 600 known Crannogs, dotted around Scotland, it is suspected that these settlements were the centers of prosperous Iron Age farms. By building their dwellings out in the water, farmers were defended from every side and could protect themselves and their cattle from passing raiders.

Is Loch Tay man made?

Originally, around 2000BCE, the loch was home to Iron Age settlers who set up artificial islands on the loch. These are known as Crannogs, and they were homes and shelters for the people who built them, remaining in use until the Middle Ages.