How do you say happy name day in Bulgarian?

How do you say happy name day in Bulgarian?

The appropriate greetings for this occasion are Честит имен ден (Chestit imen den, Happy Name Day), Да се слави името ти (Da se slavi imeto ti, Honoured be your name), За много години (Za mnogo godini, For many years to come).

What are Bulgarian name days?

Name days in Bulgaria are name days associated with Eastern Orthodox saints. Some names can be celebrated on more than one day. According to the tradition, guests are supposed to come uninvited and the person who has the celebrated name is supposed to be prepared to treat everyone.

What is a name day in Russia?

A name day is a fine old religious tradition, now mostly observed in the Orthodox Christian countries of Eastern Europe and Catholic countries in Latin and South America. In these traditions, everyone is named after a saint, each of whom has a feast day that is the person’s name day.

Are name days important?

Name days are almost as important as birthdays, and those who have the name of that particular saint get celebrated on that day. Some of the more important Name days are January 1: Sf.

How do you say Grandpa in Bulgarian?

Дядо (dyádo) – grandfather. Баба (bába) – grandmother. Прадядо (prádyado) – great-grandfather (and any male in his generation)

Why do Bulgarians wear martenitsa?

According to an ancient legend, “Martenitsa” brings health, happiness and longevity. Old Bulgarians believed that in nature there is some evil force called the “badness” that also wakes up in the spring and in folk beliefs March 1-st marks the beginning of spring.

What is Kaka in Bulgarian?

Noun. ка́ка • (káka) m. older sister.

What do Bulgarians call their grandma?

Баба (bába) – grandmother.

Why do Bulgarians wear bracelets in March?

These are small special ornaments, usually bracelets, made of strings: red and white woollen or cotton thread, woven into each other. Bulgarians tie these in a knot to one another’s wrist on 1st March primarily as a symbol of health, but also of strength, peace, love, fertility and good luck.