How do you spell Vibrio?

How do you spell Vibrio?

noun, plural vib·ri·os. Bacteriology.

Is Vibrio capitalized?

When referring to a particular bacterium or bacteria, the genus name is italicized and initial-capped, and the species name is italicized (but not capitalized), as follows: Chlamydia trachomatis (the bacterium that causes chlamydia) Vibrio cholerae (the bacterium that causes cholera)

What’s the meaning of bursae?

Definition of bursa : a bodily pouch or sac: such as. a : a small serous sac between a tendon and a bone. b : bursa of fabricius.

How do you pronounce Scolopendra?

  1. Phonetic spelling of scolopendra. s-colopen-dra. sco-lo-pen-dra.
  2. Meanings for scolopendra.
  3. Translations of scolopendra. Chinese : 蜈蚣 Korean : 왕지네 속 Arabic : العقربان Russian : сколопендры

How did cholera get its name?

How did cholera get its name? The disease’s name was coined from the Greek word, Khole, meaning “flow of bile”. Cholera’s watery diarrhoea is often referred to as “rice-water” stool, as it contains flecks, which are mucus and epithelial cells.

What is a Vibrio definition?

Definition of vibrio : any of a genus (Vibrio) of short rigid motile bacteria that are straight or curved rods and include pathogens causing especially gastrointestinal diseases (such as cholera)

What is the other name of cholera?

Cholera. Other names. Asiatic cholera, epidemic cholera.

What is a bursa filled with?

The bursae in your body are made up of a synovial membrane. This thin membrane of tissue secretes the synovial fluid that is contained within the bursa sac. Synovial fluid is your body’s lubricant, and this viscous fluid inside the bursa allows structures in your body to glide over one another easily.

What is the fluid between joints called?

Synovial fluid, also known as joint fluid, is a thick liquid located between your joints. The fluid cushions the ends of bones and reduces friction when you move your joints. A synovial fluid analysis is a group of tests that checks for disorders that affect the joints.

What is Sclerites in cockroach?

Cockroaches possess hard exoskeleton plates called sclerites. Tergites are the sclerites found on the dorsal side, while sternites are those seen on the ventral side of a cockroach’s body. The tergites and sclerites are joined by the arthroidal membrane.