How do you use tame in a sentence?

How do you use tame in a sentence?

very docile.

  1. A cat is a tame animal.
  2. Most of the criticism has been pretty tame.
  3. It’s hard to tame a tiger.
  4. I found office work very tame after army life.
  5. The deer never became tame; they would run away if you approached them.
  6. The pigeons are so tame they will sit on your shoulder.

What is the meaning of tame me?

1 changed by man from a naturally wild state into a tractable, domesticated, or cultivated condition. 2 (of animals) not fearful of human contact. 3 lacking in spirit or initiative; meek or submissive.

Is tame a definition example?

The definition of tame is something that is gentle, timid, or no longer wild and savage. An example of tame used as an adjective is the phrase a tame bear which means a bear that has been trained to be friendly around humans. Cultivated.

What does tame mean in writing?

lacking in spirit or initiative; meek or submissivea tame personality. flat, insipid, or uninspiringa tame ending to a book.

How do you tame a dog?

10 Tips To Tame Your Furry Friend

  1. Give your dog attention on a regular basis. Most often, your dog acts out after being left alone or being neglected.
  2. Establish a routine.
  3. Ignore their poor behavior.
  4. Use the crate.
  5. Go for a walk.
  6. Check your own attitude.
  7. Try out aromatherapy.
  8. Put on the TV.

Why do we tame animals?

Throughout history, people have bred domesticated animals to promote certain traits. Domestic animals are chosen for their ability to breed in captivity and for their calm temperament. Their ability to resist disease and survive in difficult climates is also valuable.

What is the same word of tame?

docile, submissive, compliant, meek, obedient, tractable, acquiescent, amenable, manageable, unresisting, passive, mild, subdued, under someone’s control, under someone’s thumb, suppressed, unassertive, ineffectual. independent. 3’every businessman needs a tame lawyer at his elbow’

How do you tame an animal?

Taming performers use fixed postures, tones, music and movements to guide animals to make different movements. If the animals do it in the right way, give them some food. Repeated practices in this way can make them produce conditioned reflex.

Can you tame wild dogs?

Though both species descended from wolves, they are unable to interbreed, and wild dogs can’t be domesticated.

What type of word is tame?

Tame can be used as an adjective or verb. A circus lion is tame (adjective) because it’s been tamed (verb). A “lion-tamer” beat the wildness out of it.

What is opposite tame?

Antonym of Tame Word. Antonym. Tame. Wild. Get definition and list of more Antonym and Synonym in English Grammar.

What is the opposite of tame and easy?

Opposite of domesticated and tamed, especially of, or as, a pet. feral. savage. undomesticated. untamed.

Can you tame a dog?

Training an unruly dog can be tough, so use lots of treats and praise whenever it does something right to reinforce the good behavior. Besides training your dog, you can help tame it by making it follow a strict schedule, which will make it rely on you more.

Can you tame a lion?

Lions are large and wild animals and can easily overpower and kill their owners at any moment. While lions can be trained during their cub years by professional lion trainers, they aren’t a domesticated species and can never be tamed because of their potential for aggression.

How do you tame a pet?

What is a word for not tame?

synonyms for un-tamed anarchic. barbarous. chaotic. turbulent. unruly.

Can u tame a tiger?

Tigers are not domesticated cats. None of the six surviving species of tiger (another three are extinct) should be kept as pets. A majority of states in the U.S. have instituted bans on keeping any of the big cat species as pets.

Can you tame a zebra?

Yes, zebras can be domesticated and trained, but it is not necessarily practical or humane to do so.

Can I tame a dog?

What is the meaning of ‘tames’?

Many leaders of the bright new generation of young Hongkongers have been jailed, including for “thought crimes” – for what they have said or written. Civil society has been ravaged, with dozens of trade unions, newspapers and magazines, clubs and associations, and democratic parties disbanding and closing in the face of potential arrest.

What does the name Taming mean?

tr.v. tamed, tam·ing, tames. 1. To make tame; domesticate: tame a wild horse. 2. To subdue or curb: tamed his explosive anger. 3. To change from an uncontrolled or disorderly to a controlled state: needed some gel to tame his hair.

What does the name tamed mean?

What exactly does tamed mean? 1 : reduced from a state of native wildness especially so as to be tractable and useful to humans : domesticated tame animals. 2 : made docile and submissive : subdued. 3 : lacking spirit, zest, interest, or the capacity to excite : insipid a tame campaign.

What is the antonym for Tame?

Synonyms for TAME: domestic, domesticated, tamed, arid, boring, colorless, drab, dreary; Antonyms for TAME: feral, savage, undomesticated, untamed, wild, absorbing