How do you write a good TOK presentation?

How do you write a good TOK presentation?

10 Tips for a Good TOK Presentation

  1. Choose a good Real Life Situation.
  2. Create a reasonable knowledge question that is not too easy but not too hard.
  3. Use TOK terminology throughout the entire presentation.
  5. Include multiple perspectives.

What is the IB TOK presentation?

The IB TOK presentation is meant to test your understanding of TOK concepts in relation to a real-life situation. TOK presentation is done individually, in pairs or in groups of three. An IB TOK presentation must be delivered in a language known to all members of the class.

How do you start a topic for a TOK presentation?

20 TOK Presentation Ideas for your IB!

  1. Changing Views on Gender and Sexuality.
  2. The Ethics and Morality of Designer Babies.
  3. Child Labour in India.
  4. Is Greed Good?
  5. Causing Offence.
  6. Tourism and Indigenous Tribes.
  7. The Similarities Between Sex Workers and Athletes.
  8. The Case of the Bali 9.

How do I choose an RLS for a TOK presentation?

Real-Life Situations (RLS) are fundamental to the ToK presentation….Your RLS should be:

  1. Specific and concise: you only have ten minutes for your presentation.
  2. Compelling: you should try to describe an RLS that is interesting to you, the audience and the examiner.
  3. Controversial: Your RLS needs to be a debatable issue.

How do I write a KQ?

Good starters for a TOK Knowledge Question (KQ): “to what extent…”, “how…”, “how far…”, “how does…”, “what…”, “what is it about…”, “what role does…”, “in what sense…”, “under what circumstances…”, “is it possible…”, “why…”, “if…” etc.

Is the TOK presentation graded?

This issue mainly boils down to the fact that student think that they are graded on their predicted scores or a score that they may have chiseled out of their TOK teachers. In reality however, the basis for the grading of a TOK presentation is solely on the TOK ppd.

What are the best TOK prompts?

The TOK Exhibition Prompts

  1. What counts as knowledge?
  2. Are some types of knowledge more useful than others?
  3. What features of knowledge have an impact on its reliability?
  4. On what grounds might we doubt a claim?
  5. What counts as good evidence for a claim?

What makes a good TOK knowledge question?

TOK centers on the exploration of knowledge questions. Knowledge Questions are contestable questions about knowledge itself. Knowledge Questions are crafted with intention to be open, general and contentious. They are succinct, grammatical and use precise concepts and vocabulary.

What is a real-life example in TOK?

Real-life examples/situations (RLS) are examples that you can find in the real world to support your claims. Generally, you would be using a few key ideas from the RLS to show how your chosen claim is valid.

What makes a good Tok knowledge question?

What are the 5 TOK areas of knowledge?

To ensure both breadth and depth of knowledge and understanding, students must choose at least one subject from five groups: 1) their best language, 2) additional lan- guage(s), 3) social sciences, 4) experimental sciences, and 5) mathematics.

What Mark is an A in TOK?

The EE and TOK are worth a maximum of 3 IB points, depending on the grades obtained overall in each course….IB Core: Theory of Knowledge and Extended Essay.

Grade Description
Band A Work of an excellent standard
Band B Work of a good standard

What is the best TOK exhibition prompt?

What is a good TOK exhibition object?

In practice, the objects (and IA prompts) should have something to do with the themes you have studied in TOK: either the core theme (knowledge and the knower), or one of the optional themes (Knowledge and language, religion, technology, indigenous societies or politics).

What are some examples of knowledge questions?


  • To what extent do we need art technique or art history training in order to appreciate an artwork?
  • What is the relationship between hands-on experimental work and theory in the natural sciences?
  • What do we mean by elegance in mathematical proof?

How do you get a good KQ?

  1. Good starters for a TOK Knowledge Question (KQ):
  2. Consider links and references to Personal and Shared Knowledge.
  3. Consider links and references to different Areas of Knowing (AoK) in TOK:

What is a TOK presentation?

TOK presentation requires the student to demonstrate a solid analysis of a real-life situation (RLS). This is done by choosing a question as a framework for examining the practical implementation of theoretical knowledge in everyday life.

What is included in a Tok exhibition sample?

Each one includes a fully written commentary plus a video explaining the creation process. We show the full journey as well as the destination. In this post you will find the first one of our TOK exhibition samples: the written commentary itself as well as a video that gives a step-by-step explanation of the full creation process.

Is it possible to do a TOK presentation with roleplay?

Doing a roleplay is definitely more ambiguous, but if you can incorporate the required components of a TOK presentation, then it can turn out well.

How do you support students in making their Tok exhibition?

We at Themantic Education think that the best way to support students in making their TOK exhibition is to demonstrate some specific examples – not only the final product, but the full thinking process that went into it. This way students will understand not only where they need to go, but also how to get there.