How does the speaker management system work?

How does the speaker management system work?

A speaker or PA management system is a multi-function signal processor, connected between the mixer and the amplifiers of a PA. Once it has been properly set, it automatically keeps the final mix sounding good and the speakers safe from damage.

How do you unlock a dbx DriveRack?

– Rotating the wheel to select either Lock, Unlock or Filter Unlocked the system. – Pressing will unlock the system if it were locked or it will lock the system if it were unlocked.

Does dbx RTA mic need phantom power?

Flat frequency response, super-accurate omnidirectional mic. Requires 15-48V phantom power to operate.

How do I lock my dbx 260?

How can I quickly lockout the front panel controls on the DriveRack 260? To lock out the front panel controls press and hold the WIZARD button upon power up (make sure all amplifiers are turned off before performing this procedure). When in the lockout mode, turn the ENCODER until the display reads “System Locked!”.

What is DSP speaker?

The DSP – digital signal processor – is the ‘brain’ inside an active speaker. It takes audio information (converting it to digital format if necessary) and manipulates the ones and zeroes to achieve a desired effect.

How do you unlock a PA drive rack?

Can you use any mic as an RTA mic?

Getting an accurate RTA reading requires an omnidirectional microphone with an extended flat frequency response from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. There are a number of manufacturers offering mics especially designed for RTA use. It is not recommended to use a microphone meant for live sound or other general, non-RTA use.

What are RTA mics used for?

The RTA-M is an omni-directional, flat frequency measurement microphone specially designed for the Driverack series to pick up all frequencies from 20 Hz to 20 kHz , ensuring accurate “pinking”/real-time analysis of your audio. It runs on phantom power (supplied by the Driverack units) and comes with a clip and case.