How far is Bhopal from Nagpur?

How far is Bhopal from Nagpur?

Bhopal to Nagpur

Aerial Distance 294Km
Road Distance 360Km

How far is Nagpur from Nagpur?

Yes, the driving distance between Nagpur to Nagpur Road Ph is 538 km. It takes approximately 8h 7m to drive from Nagpur to Nagpur Road Ph.

Is Bhopal near to Delhi?

The Distance between Delhi to Bhopal by road is 842KM. The aerial distance from Delhi to Bhopal is 596KM.

Is Pune near to Nagpur?

A. The Distance between Nagpur to Pune by road is 734KM. The aerial distance from Nagpur to Pune is 620KM.

How can I go to pachmarhi from Bhopal by train?

By Rail: There are no direct trains available between Pachmarhi and Bhopal and hence, you need to catch a train from Bhopal railway station to Pipariya station, which is located at a distance of about 50 km from Pachmarhi. From the station, you can hire a cab to your destination.

Is Nagpur close to Mumbai?

Nagpur to Mumbai Distance- 816 Km.

Which city of MP is nearest to Delhi?

While cities such as Gwalior, Ratlam, and Indore can be reached by train under 10 hours from Delhi, trains from Delhi to Jabalpur and Bhopal take a few more hours. The distance between Delhi to Madhya Pradesh by train is about 400 to 700 km. Ratlam is a major junction on the Delhi-Mumbai train route.

How is the road condition from Pune to Nagpur?

As of September 2020, Pune to Jalna is a fine 4 lane road, after that there are patches of bad roads and newly constructed concrete 2 lane roads to Nagpur.

Is there snowfall in Pachmarhi?

Does it snow in Pachmarhi in the winter season? A: No, the winter season (October to February) is chilly and windy and at times the temperature dips to -3 degree Celsius, but it does not experience any snow.

Which time is best for Pachmarhi?

Weather: Anytime is a great time to visit Pachmarhi, but summer is the best climate to visit Pachmarhi. The weather of Pachmarhi in summer is moderate, and temperature ranges between 22 and 35 degrees Celsius. The days are warmer than the nights, but since Pachmarhi is a hill station, summer here is pleasant.

Which city is closer to Mumbai?

Uran, India. Thana, India. Panvel, India.

Which city is the Centre of MP?

Indore – Indore is the commercial center of Madhya Pradesh. Among the other cities of Madhya Pradesh, this city houses a hoard of witness reflecting the historical past of Madhya Pradesh. In this city, we find a number of palaces that bears the witness of the eventful past.

How many cities are in MP?

We currently have data on 251 cities in Madhya Pradesh. Here is a list of some of the smaller towns.