How good are Nagoya antennas?

How good are Nagoya antennas?

Nagoya Antennas are dependable, accurate, reliable, and affordable. Avoid antennas that pretend to be a Nagoya. Antennas that are not individually tested or tuned can cause high SWR, which damages a radio. Nagoya Antennas are proven to be a reliable and safe antenna manufacturer.

What antenna does a Baofeng UV-5R use?

Baofeng Original SMA-Female Antenna Dual-Band for UV-5R Radio FM/VHF/UHF 136-174/400-470MHz, UV-5R_T1.

Where are Nagoya antennas made?

Pateh City, Taoyuan Hsien 334, Taiwan, R.O.C.

What antenna does Baofeng use?

Baofeng Factory Antenna The antenna that comes with your Baofeng radio when you buy one is usually called the “rubber duck”. This type of antenna is typically built for 136-174MHzand 400-480MHz amateur radio bands. It is usually around 5 inches and length.

Which BaoFeng antenna is best?

Additional Recommended Baofeng Antennas

  1. Mirkit Foldable Tactical Antenna 18.7 inch.
  2. Retevis RHD-771 2 Way Radio Antenna Extension Dual Band VHF UHF SMA-F Antenna.
  3. Walkie Talkie Antenna 15.6-Inch Whip Dual Band UV VHF/UHF 144/430Mhz Antennas SMA-F.

How far will Baofeng UV 5R transmit?

one to ten miles
BaoFengs use the very high frequency (VHF) and ultra-high frequency (UHF) parts of the spectrum, which are limited by terrain and only travel from one to ten miles under most normal conditions.

What is counterpoise wire?

counterpoise, in electronics, portion of an antenna system that is composed of wires or other types of conductor arranged in a circular pattern at the base of the antenna at a certain distance above ground. Insulated from the ground, it forms the lower system of antenna conductors.

Is the Baofeng UV-5R a police scanner?

No, Baofeng radios are not police scanners.

What is the best antenna for Baofeng uv-5r?

With the best antenna for UV-5R or other BaoFeng models, you’ll have a seamless communication experience! Check out our top 5 antennas for BaoFeng. You will find their key features, pros, and cons, along with everything you need to know about them. 1. Authentic Genuine NAGOYA NA-771 Btech Antenna

What is the length of the abbree Baofeng antenna?

This fantastic antenna from ABBREE comes with a massive length of 42.5-inches! As soon as you install it on your BaoFeng radio, it instantly becomes a long-distance communicator. Thanks to this considerable length, this unit manages to reach areas that other antennas fail to do so.

What are the advantages of a Baofeng radio?

BaoFeng radios are robust devices that offer strong and reliable communication where other electric transmissions fail. They were phenomenal before the high-tech equipment entered the market and remain popular to this day.