How hard is it to become a HSI special agent?

How hard is it to become a HSI special agent?

HSI Special Agents undergo additional training in warrant service, U.S. customs law, criminal interrogation, advanced tactics, and weapons of mass destruction, and other field-specific areas. Becoming an HSI agent is very difficult. Less than 5% of applicants are ever hired and trained as HSI Special Agents.

Where do HSI agents get stationed?

New special agents are typically assigned to offices closest to the border or a large office (i.e. New York, San Francisco) upon completion of their academy training.

Is Hsi the same as ice?

HSI was created in 2010 as a division within DHS’s law enforcement arm, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). With a stated mission of investigating cross-border criminal activity, HSI took over the role of ICE’s preexisting offices of investigations, intelligence, and international affairs.

Is Hsi a good job?

HSI is a good and innovative federal agency focused on dismantling and disrupting transnational crime. We have over 6,000 federal special agents engage in that fight.

Does HSI require a degree?

Depending on the grade level for which you are applying, you must have criminal investigative or law enforcement experience, a bachelor’s degree, or a combination of experience and education to meet minimum qualifications.

Is HSI A good agency?

How long is HSI hiring process?

Security vetting takes an average of three months to complete, but the process can vary from two weeks to one year, depending on both the applicant’s history and the level of security vetting required for the position.

Do HSI agents travel?

opportunity to travel and meet other agents across the country. ability to work overseas and travel abroad.

How do I become a HSI special agent?

Is HSI A good agency to work for?

What does an HSI agent do?

Duties. HSI criminal investigators, also referred to as special agents, conduct criminal and civil investigations involving national security threats, terrorism, drug smuggling, child exploitation, human trafficking, illegal arms export, financial crimes, identity fraud, benefit fraud, commercial fraud and more.

Does the DHS have agents similar to the FBI?

The two agencies in questions, FBI and DHS, have agents with specific investigative areas as well as powers for law enforcement activities. The idea in a system like this is prevents an unnecessary duplication of powers across multiple agencies.

Is CPS same as DHS?

This is always the preferred alternative to placement in foster care. Child Protective Services (CPS) is a specific social service provided by DHS to assist children believed to be neglected or abused by parents or other adults having permanent or temporary care or custody, or parental responsibility.

What is the best degree for Homeland Security?

Border Patrol and Coastal Security. In this course,students review the existing security measures along the US borders and coastlines.

  • Critical Infrastructure Protection.
  • Emergency Management.
  • Legal and Ethical Issues.
  • National Security and Intelligence Analysis.
  • Psychology of Terrorism.
  • What is DHS authorization with social security?

    authorized by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to work in the United States can get a Social Security number. Although many other businesses, such as banks and credit companies, also ask for your number, you aren’t required to provide it. You can get many services without a Social Security number, including a driver’s license.