How high is Chinley Churn?

How high is Chinley Churn?

457 metres high
Summit Details Chinley Churn is a summit in the The Peak District region or range in England. Chinley Churn is 457 metres high.

Where is Chinley Churn?

Chinley Churn is a small hill just north of the town of Chinley in Derbyshire.

How long is Stanage Edge walk?

A Guide to the Stanage Edge Walk The Stanage Edge walk has some of the best and most dramatic views in the Peak District National Park. Stanage Edge is 3.5-miles (6km) in length, which means there is a lot to explore, and the gritstone escarpment has become a landmark in its own right.

How high is Mount Famine?

473 metres high
Summit Details Mount Famine is 473 metres high with a prominence of 44 metres. The summit can be identified by: no feature: ground beside path immediately east of fence Additional Notes: All the walks up Mount Famine on Mud and Routes can be seen above.

Is Stanage Edge a hard walk?

Level of Difficulty It’s steep ascending Stanage Edge and the path can be slippery and muddy when wet. You’ll also have to cross and/or walk along the road and cross some fields with livestock in them. Please Note! – The wind is constant along the ridge even on a beautiful day.

Why is it called Mount Famine?

Origin of the name ‘Mount Famine’ Unfortunately, the land often wasn’t suitable for successful farming, and so the tenant farmers, despite their hard work, often went hungry. These farmers are sometimes memorialised in place-names. Mount Famine is an example of this in the Dark Peak.

Is Kinder Low Mountain?

Kinder Low (634m/2 080ft a.s.l.) is a mountain in United Kingdom. The prominence is 3m/10ft. There’s a hiking trail (T1) leading to the summit. Kinder Low is one of the 51 peaks along the multi-day Pennine Way.

How long is LUDS Church Walk?

Although popular, Lud’s Church is not as easy to find as you would think! You will need to park up in Gradbach and then walk to Lud’s Church through the scenic Black Forest. The good news is that it’s a short 30-minute walk through the woodlands and only around a mile.

How do Kinder Scouts walk?

The Kinder Scout Walk starts past the Old Nags Head. Here, follow the road that goes left after exiting the station to its end where a sign will point you to the right, down to the wooded clough. Cross and join a well-defined route that follows the clough. The hard edge of the Kinder Plateau dominates the landscape.

Is Kinder Low mountain?

What’s the highest point in Derbyshire?

Kinder Scout
Kinder Scout is a moorland plateau and national nature reserve in the Dark Peak of the Derbyshire Peak District in England. Part of the moor, at 636 metres (2,087 ft) above sea level, is the highest point in the Peak District, the highest point in Derbyshire, and the highest point in the East Midlands.

How long is walk around Ladybower?

There is also limited free roadside parking around the reservoir. WALK HIGHLIGHTS: The impressive Derwent Dam, beautiful open views across the reservoir and to Ashopton Viaduct. HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE: This walk can be done in 2-3 hours but with kids allow 3-4 hours.

How long is the walk at the roaches?

The Roaches Walk 5.5 Miles of the Best of Staffordshire The outcrops of the Five Clouds and The Roaches to your right have long been a favourite climbing location; the renowned mountaineer Don Williams was one of many climbers who trained at the Roaches.

How long does it take to climb the roaches?

Plus The Roaches trig point, Doxey Pool, and LOTS of opportunity for kids to climb on rocks and boulders. HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE: Without kids, this is a 1.5 hour walk, but allow at least 3 hours for exploring with young kids. ACCESSIBILTY: Not pram or wheelchair friendly. Steep climb at the beginning of the walk.