How long is Invercargill runway?

How long is Invercargill runway?

2,210 metres
Fuel is available at Invercargill Airport. The Airport has one sealed runway and two grass runways. The sealed runway has a length of 2,210 metres and a width of 45 metres. The runway strength has been assessed as capable of accepting up to Boeing 767 type aircraft.

When was Invercargill Airport built?

Formed on land reclaimed from the Waihopai/New River Estuary in 1938, the airport was prone to flooding, notably in 1984 when it was inoperable for two months….

Invercargill Airport
Location Invercargill
Elevation AMSL 5 ft / 2 m
Coordinates 46°24′44″S 168°18′46″E

What is the longest runway in NZ?

#1 Auckland airport (New Zealand) / OACI NZAA/ IATA AKL

  • runway 05R/23L : 3635 m = 11926 ft.
  • runway 05L/23R : 3108 m = 10197 ft.

What is the airport code for Invercargill?

IVCInvercargill Airport / Code

How big is Invercargill?

150.5 mi²Invercargill / Area

How much is parking at Invercargill Airport?

Casual Tariff

Tariff Step Amount
1 day 45 mins – 1 day 1 hour 26.00
1 day 1 hour – 1 day 1.5 hours 27.00
1 day 1.5 hours – 2 days 28.00
2 days – 2 days 30 mins 31.00

How do I pay for parking in Invercargill?

Payment can be made with coin, card via Paywave, online or through the Pay My Park app.

How do you use PayMyPark?

If you don’t have a smartphone, you can pay for parking using the PayMyPark website. You can choose to pay per session as a casual user, or set up an account. Casual users pay a fee on each transaction (50c), while account holders only pay when they transfer money to their PayMyPark account.

Who owns Wellington Airport?

Since 1998 the airport has been two-thirds privately owned by Infratil, with the remaining third owned by the Wellington City Council.

Who is Auckland Airport owned by?

Auckland International Airport Limited

Auckland Airport
Owner/Operator Auckland International Airport Limited
Serves Auckland
Location Ray Emery Drive Māngere Auckland New Zealand
Opened 29 January 1966