How many albums do Minor Threat have?

How many albums do Minor Threat have?

Out of Step1983
Complete Discography1989Minor Threat1984In My Eyes1981, EPFirst Demo Tape2003, EP
Minor Threat/Albums

How long is Minor Threat discography?

Minor Threat (also referred to as First Two Seven Inches) is a compilation album by the American hardcore punk band Minor Threat. It was released in March 1984 through Dischord Records….Minor Threat (album)

Minor Threat
Genre Hardcore punk
Length Minor Threat: 9:20 In My Eyes: 7:38 Total: 16:58 First Two Seven Inches: 19:12
Label Dischord

Is Minor Threat a straight edge band?

Brian Baker: Minor Threat did not brand ourselves as a straight edge entity. The idea of having straight edge bands came after us, with the Boston people.

Was there a Minor Threat before Fugazi?

MINOR THREAT released two EPs and the studio album “Out Of Step” before breaking up in the mid-’80s. Singer Ian MacKaye formed FUGAZI in 1987 and in recent years started a new band with his wife and bandmate in THE EVENS, Amy Farina, and FUGAZI bassist Joe Lally.

What is black flag Rym?

The best of the early 80s. Still unmatched and hardly challenged in terms of sheer brutality. Always great to listen to while going crazy in my home. Black Flag at their top….

Artist Black Flag
Released 16 November 1981
RYM Rating 3.67 / 5.0 from 12,383 ratings
Ranked #36 for 1981, #3,672 overall
Genres Hardcore Punk

Is an emo a Minor Threat?

Hardcore punk bands and post-hardcore bands who influenced early emo bands include Minor Threat, Black Flag and Hüsker Dü.

Is Minor Threat A good band?

Definitely one of the greatest hardcore punk bands ever, Minor Threat popped fresh and rested out of a busy DC underground in the early ’80s, following the demise of singer Ian MacKaye and drummer Jeff Nelson’s previous band, The Teen Idles (for which Ian played bass, actually, even though his voice is around 60 or 70 …

Did Minor Threat start straight edge?

“Straight Edge” is a track from Minor Threat’s 1981 eponymous debut 7″ EP, later reissued both as part of the 1984 collection Minor Threat, then as part of 1989’s Complete Discography. The song was the inspiration for a movement in the punk subculture known as straight edge.

Why did embrace break up?

“We weren’t making the best music and we weren’t as happy with This New Day as we were with Out of Nothing.

Is Fugazi an emo?

Fugazi themselves weren’t emo, but you can be sure the musicians interviewed for this book were all listening to 13 Songs, Repeater, and Steady Diet of Nothing when they formed their bands.

Is an emo a minor threat?

What genre is minor threat?

Alternative/IndieMinor Threat / Genre

Is Fugazi dead?

Fugazi has performed numerous worldwide tours and produced six studio albums, a film and a comprehensive live series, gaining the band critical acclaim and success around the world. Highly influential on punk and alternative music, the band has been on an indefinite hiatus since 2003.

What’s so good about Minor Threat’s complete discography?

Complete Discography compiles Minor Threat’s entire body of recordings on a single compact disc. Hardcore, as a rule, wasn’t particularly musically diverse, but Minor Threat were one of the genre’s groundbreaking acts and their music has held up better than most of their contemporaries.

Is Minor Threat a good band to start with?

Now..well NME is your usual commercialized magazine promoting sub-standard bands. This is a classic and kids getting into the truth behind the social relevance and awareness of punk music should start off with Minor Threat. This is pure social punk. Not some lame punk band these days that sing about a girl he met in Math class.

Should I upgrade my Minor Threat CD to a new version?

A cheaper alternative to buying here: this is out of print on Amazon, but is still available on the Dischord website. So, if you’re a die hard Minor Threat fan, go for it. But if you still have your old copy, an upgrade isn’t really necessary.

Why do people like Minor Threat so much?

If you are a kid discovering why we have alternative music today, Minor Threat is a good way to learn history on why your mom and dad walked around with mohawks, chains, and leather jackets. It wasn’t about fashion and being cool back then…it was all about ATTITUDE and the social environment America was sinking in during those days.