How many calories are in reduced fat houmous?

How many calories are in reduced fat houmous?

Low Fat Houmous – Tried and Tasted

Product Tesco Reduced Fat Houmous
Our Conclusion Behind it’s modest appearance Tesco’s 25% reduced fat houmous is a real treat. With a nice texture and no sharp aftertaste. Very easy going; everyone’s friend.
Serving Size 50g
Calories (kcal) 123
Fat (g) 9.0

How many calories are in a tablespoon of reduced fat hummus?

From the second label (based on 100g of reduced fat hummus), you can see that that 30g (1 tablespoon) of reduced fat hummus contains 62 calories (3% of the Reference Intake (RI) for calories) and 0.2g of sugars (less than 1% of the RI for sugars).

How many SYNS is Tesco hummus?

Tesco reduced fat houmous is 1 and a half syns… there is a syn free version …

Can I eat hummus on diet?

In answer to your question, “is hummus good for a diet?” the answer is a resounding, yes! Eat it for a snack with celery, carrots, or peppers, spread it over your whole wheat bread instead of mayo, or top your soups with a dollop. This tasty, healthy dip is good for losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle!

How many calories are in a tub of low fat hummus?

There are 237 calories in 100 g of Aldi Reduced Fat Houmous.

Can you gain weight with hummus?

If you love hummus, here’s good news: The fat in hummus is generally good for you, and hummus itself is not fattening — as long as you make it part of a balanced diet. But snackers, beware. If your love for hummus leads you to eat more calories than your body needs, you’ll start to put on weight.

How many SYNS is hummus on Slimming World?

2.5 syns
How Many Syns In Hummus? If you were to buy hummus from the supermarket, then you would be looking at 2.5 syns per tablespoon.

Is hummus OK on a low carb diet?

“In a tablespoon of hummus, there are commonly 2 to 3 grams of net carbs, so this could be a very appropriate snack on a low-carb veggie as a dip or on a lettuce wrap,” says Seattle-based registered dietitian nutritionist, Ginger Hultin, M.S., R.D.N., and author of Anti-Inflammatory Diet Meal Prep.

Is humous from Tesco healthy?

Delicious and healthy Cheap and very health low fat houmous. Much less fat that any other available. Oh dear Tesco, what have you done to your humous recipe?? It used to be good, but now it tastes a little like eating soil out of the back garden.

What is your opinion on reduced fat humous?

Less fat and no added sugars. awful texture and taste… soggy and has small chunks. really bad when compared to other stores where they have smooth and tasty houmous. I really enjoy this Reduced fat humous, it has a lovely light mousse texture. I mix with chilli sauce and dip with plain ryvitas. Delicious and healthy

How much sugar is in Tesco Houmous?

Tesco Houmous (1 g) contain (s) 10 milligram (s) of sugar, 80 milligram (s) of protein, 270 milligram (s) of fat, 50 milligram (s) of fiber and 90 milligram (s) of carbohydrate.