How many fire stations are there in Mumbai?

How many fire stations are there in Mumbai?

34 fire stations
There are currently a total of 34 fire stations in Mumbai, with the Mumbai City headquarters in Byculla and Mumbai Suburban headquarters in Marol.

Who is the chief fire officer of Mumbai?

Hemant Parab, Chief Fire Officer, Mumbai Fire Brigade.

Is fire brigade free in India?

It is, therefore, for the information of general public that no fees/charges are required to be paid by anyone for the services rendered by the fire service.

What subjects are needed to become a firefighter?

There are no specific high school subjects that you need to take in high school in order to become a Firefighter. Recommended subjects: Geography. Life Sciences.

Who is Indian firefighter?

Harshini Kanhekar, India’s First Firefighter, Has Been Honored.

Does fire brigade charge money in Mumbai?

MUMBAI: The BMC has drafted a new standard operating procedure (SOP) for imposing fire service fees on all buildings that will come up after June 2021. In May, BMC commissioner Iqbal Chahal had sanctioned the recovery of fire service fee, which is calculated at Rs 10 per sq m for all buildings.

How much does a fire brigade call out cost?

Calling the fire brigade out to your house could cost anywhere between zero to thousands of euros, depending on where you live. Fees may also change for night time, weekends and bank holiday call outs. Councils use different criteria to calculate charges.

Who is India’s 1st woman firefighter?

Harshini Kanhekar
English NEWJ – Meet India’s First Woman Firefighter-Harshini Kanhekar | Facebook| By English NEWJ.

Who is India’s 1st firefighter?

Tejasvini: An Interview with Harshini Kanhekar, India’s First Firefighter.

What are fire brigade charges?

Fire Brigade Charges are payable for the attendance of the Fire Brigade at fires in domestic, commercial and industrial premises, and also for other special services i.e. attendance at road traffic accidents, flooding etc.

What is the history of Mumbai Fire Brigade?

Since 1948, the Brigade is completely manned and commanded by Indians. This year , the Mumbai Fire Brigade is observing it’s Quesquicentennial (125 years) Year rendering Service & Sacrifice.

What ladder trucks does the Mumbai Fire Brigade use?

The Mumbai Fire Brigade also uses a number of specialised ladder trucks, for high-rise fires, manufactured by Volvo, MAN, and Mercedes-Benz. These include trucks with aerial ladder platforms, turntable ladders and hydraulic platforms.

Why is Randeep Hooda the official brand ambassador of Mumbai Fire Brigade?

In 2016, the Mumbai Fire Brigade engaged actor Randeep Hooda to be their official brand ambassador, to conduct public fire safety programs and trainings.