How many lumens is a 93 bulb?

How many lumens is a 93 bulb?

188 Lumens
GE 25811 93

MFG Code 25811 Part Number BC2523
Clear Finish 188 Lumens
15 Candle Power 700 hrs.
1.0000″ Bulb Diameter 1.120″ Light Center Len
2″ Max Overall Len

What is a GES lamp?

The GES-E40 screw cap, is a giant-sized Edison Screw cap is used in high-powered commercial light bulbs such as a HID elliptical or tubular lamps.

How many lumens does a 1141 bulb produce?

For example, if you are replacing an 1141 bulb, the chart above shows the average output of an 1141 is 142 lumens.

What Is a Number 93 bulb?

#93 Miniature Bulb Ba15S Base – 12.8 Volt 1.04 Amp 13.312 Watt S8 Single Contact (Ba15S) Bayonet Base, 15 MSCP C-6 Filament Design. 2.0″ (50.8mm) Maximum Overall Length (M.O.L.), 1.04″ (26.5mm) Maximum Outer Diameter (M.O.D.), 1.25″ (31.75mm) Light Center Length (L.C.L.). 700 Average Rated Hours.

How many lumens is a 1156?

1156 Current:2.100 Watts:27.00 Candlepower:32 Lumens:402.

What does E40 bulb mean?

E40 is the super sized version of electrical components in our range. It’s the extra-large light bulbs and the lamp holders that support them. Light fitting codes can sometimes feel confusing with the use of letter and numbers: like we need an electrical certificate to understand which light bulbs we need!

What is the difference between an 1141 and 1156?

OK it looks like 1141 an 1156 are both using BA15s base. This site has more information about bulbs than you care to know. In this case, the 1156 replaces the 1141, has the same physical characteristics, is brighter (26.9W vs 18.4) and uses more current (2.1A vs 1.44).

What is a s11 bulb?

of eleven eighths of an inch or 1.3750″ inches which is 34.9250 millimeters. All bulbs in the S-11 category have a Maximum Overall Length (M.O.L.) of between 2.38″ or 60.45 millimeters and 2.91″ inches or 74.00 millimeters and a Light Center Length (L.C.L) of between 1.13″ and 1.63″ inches.