How many miles will a BMW R1200GS last?

How many miles will a BMW R1200GS last?

BMW motorcycles are generally very durable and can be seen lasting about 200,000 miles easily; however, this does vary depending on the model, how well the bike is maintained and the style of riding it is subject to. If you average 4000 miles per year a well-kept BMW motorcycle can last 50 years.

How fast is R1200GS?


R1200GS, 2013 model with Akrapovič HP titanium exhaust
Manufacturer BMW Motorrad
Compression ratio 12.0:1 12.5:1 (LC)
Top speed 130.8 mph (210.5 km/h)
Power 81 kW (109 hp) @ 7,750 rpm 70.42 kW (94.43 hp) (rear wheel) 92 kW (123 hp) @ 7,750 rpm (LC)

Are triumph Tigers 1200 reliable?

The quality of this bike is very high, with no worries in terms of reliability. It is a good bike if you want high touring comfort and on road ability. You also get a lot of equipment as standard, even on the basic model Explorer.

How fast is a Triumph Tiger 1200?

140 mph

Top speed & performance
Max torque 90 ft-lb
Top speed 140 mph
1/4 mile acceleration
Tank range 220 miles

How long will a Triumph Tiger last?

A well-kept Triumph Tiger can last for over 75,000 miles if serviced regularly, appropriately stored, and ridden responsibly and regularly. If you ride 4,000 miles per year, a well-kept Triumph Tiger could potentially last for over 18 years.

Where is the Triumph explorer made?

Where are Triumph’s factories based? Triumph has six-world class factories around the world. Two of these factories are based in Hinckley in the UK, just a stone’s throw from the Mallory Park race track. There are also three factories in Chonburi, Thailand, and one in Manaus, Brazil.

How much does a Triumph 1200 weigh?

2022 Triumph Tiger 1200 Specs

Engine Type: Liquid-cooled, 12 valve, DOHC, inline 3-cylinder
Trail: All GT: 120 mm; All Rally: 112 mm
Wet weight (90% fuel): All GT: 530 lbs (240 kg); GT Pro: 540 lbs (245 kg); GT Explorer: 562 lbs (255 kg); Rally Pro: 549 lbs (249 kg); Rally Explorer: 575 lbs (261 kg)

Which bike is best in BMW?

Top 10 BMW Bikes

  • BMW G 310 GS. 313 cc. 34 PS @ 9500 rpm. ₹ 3.76L – ₹ 3.76L.
  • BMW R 1200 GS Adventure. 1170 cc. 16 Kmpl. ₹ 18.67L – ₹ 22.65L.
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  • BMW F 850 GS. 853 cc. Self Start Only. ₹ 14.05L – ₹ 14.05L.
  • BMW K 1600 GTL. 1649 cc. 13 Kmpl. ₹ 31.62L – ₹ 31.62L.
  • BMW F 750 GS. 853 cc. 77 PS @ 7500 rpm.
  • BMW R 1200 R. 1170 cc. 16 Kmpl.
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What year is R1200GS?

BMW brought their mighty GS into the modern age with a new larger capacity motor, huge 30kg weight saving, improved handling, updated electronics and far more on-road bias.