How many New Zealanders are in the Premier League?

How many New Zealanders are in the Premier League?

Since 2005 three other New Zealanders have played in England’s top league: Simon Elliott (Fulham), who also came through the US college system, Winston Reid (West Ham United) and Chris Wood (West Bromwich Albion and Leicester City).

Who lives at Alderley Edge?

Footballers who live in Alderley Edge include Joleon Lescott and Manchester United players Dwight Yorke, Rio Ferdinand, Michael Carrick, and Andy Cole. David Beckham and his wife Victoria Beckham previously resided in Alderley Edge.

Where do most soccer players live?

Where do pro soccer players live? A lot of established players own a home in the same metropolitan area as their club team. On top of that, players who can afford it own a home in their home country or a tax haven area that they retreat to from time to time.

Where do Manchester City players live?

The Golden Triangle (sometimes called the Footballer Belt) is an area of affluent small towns and villages in Cheshire, England. The exact three points of the triangle are the subject of local debate but are generally considered to be Alderley Edge, Prestbury, and Wilmslow.

Which soccer player has the nicest house?

Didier Drogba Didier Drogba made a fortune during his career and apparently he’s also one of the most extravagant spenders in the game, paying almost $14.4 million for this massive mansion, which features 7 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, a sports museum and also a number of smaller rooms for children.

Where do footballers live Liverpool?

At present, four first-team Liverpool players reside in the Merseyside suburb of Formby. Club captain Jordan Henderson, full-back Andrew Robertson, striker Divock Origi and midfielder Fabinho all call the area home, as well as manager Jurgen Klopp.

What is the New Zealand soccer team called?

the All Whites
The team is governed by the governing body for football in New Zealand, New Zealand Football (NZF), which is currently a member of FIFA and Oceania Football Confederation (OFC). The team’s official nickname is the All Whites (Māori: Ōmā).

Why does wolves buy Portuguese players?

“Because they are good players,” he said of signing so many Portuguese. “We have to be aware that young players, regardless of nationality, when they come to a new country, have to be supported. “Youth always bring new things. But mixing talent with experience is what can make a team better.”

Which club has the most international players?

The answer is Juventus. The Serie A giants had as many as 22 different players playing for their respective countries from different continents.

Where does Alex Ferguson live in Wilmslow?

‘ The 79-year-old former Manchester United manager lives in a £2.3 million property on the posh Cheshire road in Wilmslow, Cheshire, with his wife Cathy. It is one of the most sought after places to live in the country, after London, and falls in the Cheshire Golden Triangle – favoured by footballers and celebrities.

Do footballers live in Wilmslow?

Footballers – Many people in Wilmslow will regularly spot a footballer or two in town. While many footballers try to keep their location private, some footballers have confirmed their Wilmslow residency.

Where do most Premier League players live?

Fans of Tottenham and West Ham will tell you that Chigwell is best known for being the place ‘where the footballers live’.

Which New Zealand players are currently playing in the Premier League?

Prior to the completion of Chris Wood’s transfer to Burnley overnight, Winston Reid was the only active New Zealander currently playing in the Premier League.

How many times has Reid faced fellow New Zealander in Premier League?

Reid has captained the north-east London club on nine occassions in the Premier League, and has only ever faced a fellow New Zealander in the league once-against Ryan Nelsen during a 2-1 win over QPR at Loftus Road on October 1, 2012.

Who has made the most Premier League appearances of all time?

Photo / Getty Images. The All Whites legend is the New Zealander with the most Premier League experience, having made nearly 200 league appearances during a nine-year Premier League career. The former centre-back was signed by Blackburn Rovers from MLS club DC United on a free transfer in January 2005.

Who is the governing body of cricket in NZ?

New Zealand Cricket, formerly the New Zealand Cricket Council, is the governing body for professional cricket in New Zealand. Cricket is the most popular and highest profile summer sport in New Zealand. New Zealand Cricket operates the New Zealand cricket team, organising Test tours and One-Day Internationals with other nations.