How many questions are on the SAAQ knowledge test 2020?

How many questions are on the SAAQ knowledge test 2020?

The SAAQ questionnaire given to every student driver covers a wide range of topics ranging from road signs to traffic rules and sharing the road. It contains 64 multiple-choice questions, including several illustrated scenarios for students to analyze.

How do I prepare for my SAAQ road test?

To be well-prepared:

  1. drive as often as possible.
  2. drive in various conditions and settings (at night, when it rains, etc.).
  3. consult the Road Access Binder, Driving a Passenger Vehicle and the Driver’s Handbook.

How do I pass my driving knowledge test Quebec?

To pass the test, you will need to score a minimum of 13 out of 16 questions in the Road Signs and Road Rules section, and a minimum of 26 out of 32 in the Road Situations section of this practice test. You can always restart the test if needed.

How do I prepare for the Quebec knowledge test?


  1. Read the Quebec Driver’s Handbook. The Quebec Driver’s Handbook outlines the road rules and signs that you need to learn for the test.
  2. Use the Online Practice Tests.
  3. Monitor Your Test Prep Progress.

How do I prepare for my driving test?

How to prepare for a driving test

  1. Ensure you take the correct amount of lessons before your test.
  2. Get a good night’s sleep.
  3. Eat something light, right before your test.
  4. Check over your theory material one last time.
  5. Refresh your memory of the most common test faults.
  6. Get to know the local test routes.

How do I study for my driving theory test?

Studying for the driver theory test You can read the Rules of the Road online or buy the book or borrow it from your local library. online learning portal as well as an official learning app available for Android and iOS devices. information, visit the Theory Test Revision Material website.

Is the SAAQ road test hard?

The SAAQ, the provincial body that conducts the tests, believes that the numbers are the result of more difficult driving conditions in Montreal. “There’s more traffic, more pedestrians, more cyclists and all in all, a lot more challenges than on rural roads,” said SAAQ representative Mario Vaillancourt.

How many mistakes are allowed on road test Quebec?

You are allowed 3 mistakes in each of the road rules and signs sections and 6 mistakes in the driving behaviour section: a total of 12 mistakes.

Is the SAAQ driving test hard?

How to prepare for the Quebec driver’s license test?

Go for the Quebec driving test questions – road rules practice exam when you think you’ve mastered all of our sample questions about the rules of the road in Quebec. Preparing for the Quebec learner’s license test involves additional elements like certain costs, a vision test, eligibility requirements, documents required etc. etc.

Is there a Class 5 driving test online in Quebec? is pleased to present the third of our Quebec driving test online sets for aspiring Class 5 drivers. This is one of a series of free Quebec learners test online practice tests, designed to help new drivers study for and pass the official SAAQ knowledge test.

How many times can I use the Quebec driving test practice series?

All of the sets in our Quebec driving test practice series are absolutely free and can be used as many times as you require to help you study and get through the first stage of the Quebec Road Safety Education Program.

What is a graduated driver’s licence in Quebec?

Quebec follows a Graduated Driver’s Licensing scheme to allow new drivers time to learn the rules of the road and to drive under varying conditions. The knowledge test is a multiple-choice section of the process to gain the Class 5 Learners’ Licence.