How many questions are on the ServSafe exam?

How many questions are on the ServSafe exam?

90 questions
What is the passing score for the ServSafe Food Protection Manager Examination? A passing score is 75% or higher. This is obtained by answering at least 60 out of 80 questions correctly. The exam has 90 questions; however there are 10 pilot questions that are for research purposes only.

What kind of questions are on a ServSafe test?

The ServSafe Manager exam is given in a proctored environment and has 90 multiple choice questions. You are required to score 75% or better on the exam to receive certification.

Is the ServSafe exam all multiple choice?

The ServSafe Manager test consists of 90 questions. The exam is challenging, but all questions are multiple-choice. ServSafe practice tests are a great way to prepare for the actual exam.

What do I need to know for the ServSafe test?

A Guide to the ServSafe Exam

  • Providing Safe Food. This section involves understanding foodborne illnesses and what parts of the population are at higher risk.
  • The Microworld.
  • Contamination, Food Allergens, and Foodborne Illnesses.
  • The Safe Foodhandler.
  • The Flow of Food.
  • Purchasing & Receiving.
  • Preparation.
  • Service.

What if I fail ServSafe?

You will need to purchase a new exam each time you need to retest. You can take the examination twice within 30 days. If you don’t pass the exam on your second attempt, you must wait 60 days from your most recent attempt before taking the exam again. No more than four attempts are allowed within a 12 month period.

Is the ServSafe test the same every time?

Certification Process You will need to purchase a new exam each time you need to retest. You can take the examination twice within 30 days.

How do you cool down food quickly?

Cover pans of hot food and move them to a colder area e.g. a storage room, or stand them in cold water. You can also use ice to speed up chilling. This will make the contents of the pans chill more quickly. Stir food regularly while it is chilling down.

What is the correct fridge temperature?

The ideal temperature for a fridge Common food items that this applies to include poultry, meat, eggs, seafoods, and leftover foods and takeout meals. The ideal temperature for a fridge is 37°F (3°C) and 40°F (5°C).

What are the 4 approved methods for thawing frozen foods?

The Big Thaw — Safe Defrosting Methods

  • Refrigerator Thawing. Planning ahead is the key to this method because of the lengthy time involved.
  • Cold Water Thawing. This method is faster than refrigerator thawing but requires more attention.
  • Microwave Thawing.
  • Cooking Without Thawing.

What temperature is the danger zone?

40 °F – 140 °F
Leaving food out too long at room temperature can cause bacteria (such as Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella Enteritidis, Escherichia coli O157:H7, and Campylobacter) to grow to dangerous levels that can cause illness.

How to check your score ServSafe certification?

CHECK REQUIREMENTS. Check state and local regulatory information and your organization’s policies to determine your training and certification needs.

  • What can you do with a ServSafe certificate?


  • General Manager,Restaurant.
  • Restaurant Manager.
  • Executive Chef.
  • Assistant General Manager (AGM)
  • Food Service Director.
  • Sous Chef.
  • Restaurant Assistant Manager.
  • How much does it cost to take ServSafe exam?

    Similarly, it is asked, how much does it cost to take the ServSafe exam? Costs for the online course and exam are listed as: Food Handler—$15; Manager—$152.95, plus a $36 exam voucher; Alcohol Safety—$30; and Allergens—$22. Retests have additional costs. For more details, see the ServSafe website.

    How does one become ServSafe certified?

    – Online: English, Spanish and Chinese. – Print: English, Spanish/English, Korean/English, Chinese/English, French Canadian/English, Japanese/English, and Large Print. – In addition, there is an Instructor Exam in English for anyone interested in becoming a Certified ServSafe Instructor.