How many questions is post UTME?

How many questions is post UTME?

The number of UNIBEN questions set in post UTME is 70 to 90.

How can I study for post UTME exam?

Below Are Magical Ways On How To Pass Post UTME Exam/Aptitude Test Cbt Exam 2022 /2023:

  1. Early Preparation Matters.
  2. Set A High Target Score.
  3. Study For Post UTME The Right Way.
  4. Study Consistently.
  5. Work With Your School Post UTME Area Of Concentration.
  6. Make Use of Post UTME Past Questions.
  7. Learn How To Manage Your Time.
  8. Seek Help.

How many subjects are in post UTME?

In Post-UTME exams, most federal universities set fours subjects, which correspond to the four subjects the candidates picked during JAMB. Some state universities may set their post UTME exam in a similar manner as the federal universities.

What is the cut off mark for post UTME?

You need to pass the JAMB cut-off point of 150 to qualify for admission in 2022/2023. This further entails that you need to either score exactly 150 or above 150 before you can qualify to buy your school Post UTME form and be considered for admission in 2022.

What is Post UTME format?

The format for UNILAG Post UTME is English Language, Mathematics and Current affairs. The format for UNILAG Post UTME is 40 questions. You will answer questions in the English Language (20 questions), Mathematics (20 questions) and Current affairs (10 questions) for 30 minutes.

Who scored highest mark in JAMB 2021?

2021 UTME Highest Score

  • Adeogun Kehinde Oreoluwa – 350.
  • Ajayi Eberechukwu Isaiah – 349.
  • Okarike Favour Kenneth – 348.
  • Omonona Oluwamayokun Victor – 347.
  • Owoeye Israel Oluwatimilehin – 347.
  • Ehizogie Jeffrey Aidelogie – 347.
  • Ajeigbe Moyinoluwa Samuel – 346.
  • Yakubu Abdulraheem Joshua – 343.

Is post UTME easier than JAMB?

You can easily come across jamb past questions nationwide either by buying it in stores or downloading from the internet. This can help guide you to likely questions and answers. However, for post utme; though you can come across past questions, it is not easily accessible like its jamb counterparts.

What is a good JAMB score?

With a score above 250 to 280, You have a chance of being admitted to study a competitive course. With a Jamb score of 200 to 250, You have a chance of getting a moderately competitive course. A score of 290+ should guarantee you admission to study any course.

Who scored highest in jamb?

The record-breaker was Shamwifu Ibrahim, an indigene of Kogi state and he scored 399 over 400 in JAMB. To date, that record has not been broken. In Nigerian history, no candidate has ever scored 400/400 in the exam. Kindly note that JAMB does not release the list of the lowest scorers in the exam.

What is jamb highest score for 2021?

What is JAMB highest score for 2021?

Is 250 a good score in JAMB?