How many station does PNR have?

How many station does PNR have?

36 stations
The present line has 36 stations serving Metro Manila and Laguna. It is divided into two sections which meet in Tutuban station in Tondo, Manila. The Metro North Commuter section runs from Tutuban to Governor Pascual station in Malabon and is colored light green in the system map of PNR.

How Long is PNR?

Philippine National Railways

Length 78 km (48 mi) (active)
Operating speed 20–40 km/h (12–25 mph)

Whose project is PNR?

It became the Philippine National Railways on June 20, 1964 by virtue of Republic Act No. 4156. The PNR is an attached agency under the Department of Transportation and Communications.

Does PNR expire?

The validity of PNR expires as soon as the journey is completed. The PNR is meaningless once the train reaches the destination station, and no journey is possible with the same PNR. The PNR Number lasts for a minimum of 9 months in the record of Indian Railways, after which the system flushes the PNR automatically.

Is PNR an operating?

PNR MC (PNR) PNR MC (Philippines National Railways) is operational during everyday.

What’s a PNR number?

PNR is the abbreviation of Passenger Name Record and it is a digital certificate allowing passengers to do online check-in or manage their bookings in a short time. Also used as booking number, Passenger Name Record is a code with 6 alphanumeric characters (letters and numbers are used together).

What time is the first trip of PNR?

Northbound, the first PNR train leaves Calamba Station at 3:58 AM and 5:22 AM from IRRI. The first trip from Alabang Station is at 5:12 AM while the last trip is at 7:42 PM. Southbound, the first trip from Tutuban Station is at 5:16 AM while the trip to IRRI is scheduled at 5:06 PM.

What is flushed PNR?

Flushed PNR is the term used at Railways end. When the Journey for particular ticket has been passed, Railway server will remove that data after particular duration. Those removed pnr’s are called Flushed PNR.

What is purged PNR?

A Past Date Record (PDR) is a PNR that has been purged from the system four (4) days after the start date of its last segment, whether the segment was cancelled or not. This means four (4) days after: departure for a flight, tour, or cruise segment. check-in for a hotel segment. pick-up date for a car segment.

What is railway TTE?

Travelling Ticket Examiner, the title of train conductors in India.