How many stories is Burton Barr Library?

How many stories is Burton Barr Library?


Burton Barr Central Library
Opened 1995
Owner Phoenix Public Library
Technical details
Floor count 5

What is the largest library in Arizona?

Burton Barr
Burton Barr is Phoenix’s Main library and the largest library in Arizona.

When was Burton Barr library built?

1989Burton Barr Central Library / Construction started

How tall is the Burton Barr Library?

Waiting to greet them are luminous passages that slope to the library’s 90-foot-tall, skylit atrium as well as three high-speed glass elevators and a translucent grand staircase that rises from a reflecting pool.

How many libraries Does ASU have on its different campuses?

eight library facilities
ASU Library is home to eight library facilities across four ASU campuses, providing students and faculty access to millions of information resources, world-class collections, outstanding study spaces and research centers, and a suite of maker services.

Who designed the Phoenix Public Library?

Will Bruder
(Photo: Bill Tillerman) The American Institute of Architects (AIA) has announced that the Burton Barr Phoenix Central Library, designed by Will Bruder and opened in 1995, has been awarded the 2021 Twenty-five Year Award.

What is the oldest Arizona State University library?

Charles Trumbull Hayden Library
Charles Trumbull Hayden Library, at 300 East Orange Mall on the Tempe campus of Arizona State University, was built in 1966 and was named for Charles Trumbull Hayden, founder of Tempe and the first president of the board of the Arizona Territorial Normal School, ASU’s predecessor.

What is the oldest ASU Library?

Hayden Library
Capping off a $90 million renovation, ASU’s Hayden Library, originally built in 1966, has been reinvented and reopened for the 21st century, with an eye toward maximum accessibility, engagement and support for the university’s growing student population.

Does Phoenix Public Library require masks?

Face masks are no longer required for library visitors who are fully vaccinated, the city said in a press release Thursday. Phoenix libraries closed in March 2020 as part of the city’s efforts to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in the early days of the pandemic.

Can non students use ASU Library?

Visitors are welcome to come to any of the eight libraries located on the four ASU campuses. However, hours of operation vary depending on the library and the time of year (library locations and find contact information).

How many libraries Does ASU have?

eight libraries
Library news The ASU Library is open and here for you. Find your library With eight libraries across four campuses, discover your campus library.

How do I get a Phoenix library card?

A Phoenix Public Library card is available for FREE to Maricopa County residents. Visit any of our 17 locations and fill out a library card application. Proof of identification is required – view the list of acceptable identification on the library’s website. Loan periods vary by material type.

Can public use ASU Library?

Use the ASU for You platform to explore publicly accessible, digital educational resources, curated by the ASU Library, that are available to everyone, everywhere, and can be integrated into your academic and professional work.

Who can use ASU Library?

Arizona residents, 18 years of age or older and not affiliated with ASU, may become registered borrowers with the ASU Library for a fee. Proof of residency and age is required.