How much are green star polyps?

How much are green star polyps?

Item # Description Price
005205 Green Star Polyps, Tiny: up to 2.5″, Solomon $69.99
005206 Green Star Polyps, Small: over 2.5-3″, Solomon $79.99
005207 Green Star Polyps, Medium: over 3-4″, Solomon $99.99
005208 Green Star Polyps, Large: over 4-5.5″, Solomon $129.99

How fast does Green Star polyps grow?

Because of the fast growth rate of green star polyps, make sure there is a barrier of some type between the colony and anything you do not wish to have your corals grow over. Well maintained and fed GSP can spread up to an inch or two (2.5 to 5 cm) each month.

How much light do green star polyps need?

Lighting & Flow Requirements: Fluorescent Green Star Polyps require moderate water flow and moderate lighting (PAR 130-250) to maintain their color. T5’s, Metal Halides, or LED’s can all grow Green Star Polyps when the proper PAR levels are provided. We recommend a 14-20K color spectrum for best coloration.

Where should I place Green Star polyps?

However, the best placement for green star polyps in a reef tank is in an area with moderate flow and lighting. As shown in these images, colonies like to spread out along the back and side walls of the aquarium glass. They will tend to expand and retract over time.

Should I Feed Green Star polyps?

Green Star Polyps will perfectly well underneath the lights that you have in your tank. However, if you want them to grow even faster and you want them to have some better color on them I would definitely recommend feeding some liquid food to them.

Do GSP like high flow?

Gsp grow fast in high light and strong flow.

Do green star polyps like high flow?

Moderate to high water movement is recommended for Green Star Polyps. These polyps require enough water flow to keep detritus from settling on them. Increased water flow also appears to speed up their growth rate.

Can green star polyps grow on glass?

You could use a small magnet to attach the GSP, then you can place just about anywhere the tank glass. The gsp will most likely grow over the magnet.

Are green star polyps invasive?

Green Star Polyps are incredibly invasive to the point of being hard to get rid of in certain conditions. When they are happy with your tank they will grow, and grow, and grow… Often overwhelming other corals with their fervor.

Do green star polyps need to be fed?

The polyps are very hardy and really low maintenance. You do not even have to worry about feeding them because they already come with what they need to feed themselves. The polyps also easily decorate a tank by their spreading and only require a little light to photosynthesize.

How long can GSP be out of water?

I’ve taken GSP out of water for over 30 minutes with no ill effect. Once back in the water, it took awhile for it to completely open, but some polyps were out within 15 minutes. I try to keep it under 30 minutes, but they should be able to stay out of water for at least a couple hours without any real problems.

Does GSP close at night?

They do close when the moonlights go off around 4 am though. I wouldn’t worry about it, as they are likely feeding.