How much did Nicolas Cage make driving angry?

How much did Nicolas Cage make driving angry?

It stars Nicolas Cage, Amber Heard, William Fichtner, Billy Burke, Charlotte Ross, Katy Mixon, and Tom Atkins. The film, photographed in 3D, was released on February 25….

Drive Angry
Budget $45-50 million
Box office $41 million

Who directed Drive Angry?

Patrick LussierDrive Angry / DirectorPatrick Lussier is a Canadian-American filmmaker and editor, known for his numerous collaborations with director Wes Craven and fellow screenwriters Laeta Kalogridis and Todd Farmer, as well as his work in the horror genre. Wikipedia

Where can I find Drive Angry?

You can watch Drive Angry on Peacock.

Is there going to be a Drive Angry 2?

And now, insider Daniel Richtman is claiming that a sequel is actively in the works, with both Cage and Amber Heard reportedly reprising their roles. Although no further details are available, a Drive Angry follow-up hardly seems like a viable proposition for the studio.

Is movie Drive Angry on Netflix?

Rent Drive Angry (2011) on DVD and Blu-ray – DVD Netflix.

Is Drive Angry on prime video?

Drive Angry, an action movie starring Nicolas Cage, Amber Heard, and William Fichtner is available to stream now. Watch it on Peacock TV, Prime Video, VUDU, Apple TV, Vudu Movie & TV Store or Redbox.

When did Drive Angry come out?

February 25, 2011 (USA)Drive Angry / Release date

Which Ghost Rider movie is better?

1 Spirit Of Vengeance: Had The Better Ghost Rider While the first movie does an adequate job and has better transformations, the CGI for Ghost Rider has become quite dated since 2007. Conversely, the sequel boasts some impressive visuals for the character.

Who is new Ghost Rider?

Johnny Blaze makes his grand return today as Marvel Comics celebrates 50 years of Ghost Rider with the fiery first issue of brand new ongoing series from writer Benjamin Percy and artist Cory Smith, and you can check out the official trailer for the new series right here, along with the official preview…