How much does a 32 inch TV weigh?

How much does a 32 inch TV weigh?

The wall mount for a 32-inch TV is capable of handling between 100 and 200 pounds, even though the TV will not weigh nearly that much. TVs in this size range can weigh very little; in fact, the Westinghouse 32” LED weighs only 9.4 pounds with the stand.

Which TV brand is best 32 inch?

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  • OnePlus 32-inches Y Series HD.
  • eAirtec 32-Inches HD Ready LED TV 32DJ.
  • Sony Bravia 32-Inches HD Ready Smart LED TV 32W6103.
  • AmazonBasics 32-Inch HD Ready Smart LED Fire TV AB32E10SS.
  • Samsung 32-Inch HD Ready LED TV UA32T4010ARXXL.
  • MI 32-inches 4A Pro HD Ready Smart Android LED TV L32M5-AL.
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What are the lightest TV?

1. LG OLED Evo G2 Series. Even though the LG WX 65-inch Wallpaper 4K Smart OLED TV is technically the thinnest TV you can buy (measuring only 0.15 inches thick), it’s not widely in stock anymore.

How much does 32 Vizio weigh?

11.5 lb
The Vizio 32″ D-Series TV has a height of 18.8″ (47.9 cm), width of 28.8″ (73.2 cm), depth of 7.9″ (20.1 cm), and weighs 11.5 lb (5.3 kg).

How much does a 32-inch Sony Trinitron weight?

165 lbs. 6 oz.
Sony KD32FS170 Specs

Dimensions 35-3/4 x 27-3/4 x 22-5/8″ (898 x 696 x 576mm)
Weight 165 lbs. 6 oz. (75 kg)
Cabinet Color Silver

Do smart TVs come in 32-inch?

Usually, the picture quality or overall performance of these TVs is below average, as they tend to be inexpensive budget models, but if you care about getting a TV with a built-in interface, you can find the best 32 inch smart TV for your needs.

Which is the world’s thinnest TV?

The world’s thinnest televisions

  • LG OLED “Wallpaper” TVs (2.5mm)
  • Letv Super 4 Max65 (3.9mm)
  • Sony Bravia X9000C (4.9mm)
  • Mi LED Smart TV 4 (4.9mm)
  • Special mention: Sony XEL-1 (3mm)

How much does a Roku 32 inch TV weigh?

TCL 32” Class 3-Series HD LED Roku Smart TV – 32S305

Weights and Measures (W x H x D)
TV without Stand × TV without Stand 28.9″ x 17.1″ x 3.2″
Stand Separation Distance × Stand Separation Distance 21.7″
TV Weight × TV Weight 9.9lbs
TV Weight without Stand × TV Weight without Stand 9.7lbs

How much do Vizio TVs weigh?

Product Dimensions

w/ Stand 28.77″ x 18.83″ x 7.87″ (730.8mm x 478.3mm x199.9mm)
w/ Stand Weight 11.68lbs (5.3kg)
w/o Stand 28.77″ x 16.96″ x 2.99″ (730.8mm x 430.8mm x75.9mm)
w/o Stand Weight 11.46lbs (5.2kg)
Packaging Dimensions 32.68″ x 21.26″ x 5.98″ (830.1mm x 540.0mm x151.9mm)

How heavy is a CRT TV?

Weight – The weight of a CRT TV increases rapidly as the screen size increases. A 20 inch model weights around 50 pounds. A 25 inch model may weigh more than 100 lbs.