How much does a substitute teacher make per day in Pennsylvania?

How much does a substitute teacher make per day in Pennsylvania?

Of the 491 responding Pennsylvania public school districts, 465 reported a daily rate and based on those districts, the 2019-20 average daily substitute per- diem pay rate is $102. The minimum reported rate is $78 per day, and the maximum is $150.

Can you substitute teach in PA without certification?

If you wish to substitute teach in a Pennsylvania school, you must hold a PA teaching certificate. This may be an active or inactive Intern Certificate Level I Certificate, Level II Certificate, or an Emergency Permit.

What qualifications do you need to be a substitute teacher Pennsylvania?

Substitute Teaching in Pennsylvania

  • Valid Pennsylvania educator certificate or out of state certificate.
  • Bachelor’s degree (or foreign equivalency) if not certified.
  • Background clearances.
  • U.S. citizen or permanent resident alien status (green card)

Do substitute teachers get benefits in PA?

Full-time substitute teachers who have reached Step 2 of the full-time substitute salary schedule are entitled to all benefit plans currently provided to full-time PPS teachers except full-time substitute teachers receive six (6) sick days per semester which do not accumulate and one (1) day of personal leave in each …

How many college credits do you need to substitute teach in PA?

College students who have completed a minimum of 60 credits in a Pennsylvania teacher preparation programs can serve as substitutes.

Can I teach without a license in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania requires that all individuals seeking initial educator certification at the bachelor’s degree level take and pass basic skills tests as well as subject-area expertise exams in the content area they wish to teach.

Can substitute teachers collect unemployment in PA?

Under Section 402.1 of the state’s unemployment compensation law, school employees, including but not limited to substitute teachers, cannot receive unemployment compensation during the period between terms, holidays or vacation periods.

Why do you like substitute teaching?

Substitute teachers may come from all different backgrounds, but they all share one thing in common: they want to change the world, one student at a time. Many subs love substitute teaching because it gives them full control over their work lives.