How much does an Air Tractor 502 cost?

How much does an Air Tractor 502 cost?

Aircraft Bluebook – Turboprop – Air Tractor – AIR TRACTOR AT-502. AT-502A – PT6-45 ($20,000).

Who builds the Air Tractor?

Air Tractor Inc. is a United States aircraft manufacturer based in Olney, Texas. Founded in 1978, the company began manufacturing a new agricultural aircraft derived from the S-2B aircraft (designed by founder Leland Snow’s previous company, Snow Aeronautical).

How much does a crop duster plane cost?

Crop dusters fly in small planes that cost anywhere from $100,000 to $900,000. These planes are outfitted with special containers and dispersal systems that carry 100’s of gallons of liquid chemicals.

What planes are used for crop dusting?

Purpose-built aircraft Currently, the most common agricultural aircraft are the Air Tractor, Cessna Ag-wagon, Gippsland GA200, Grumman Ag Cat, PZL-106 KRUK, M-18 Dromader, PAC Fletcher, Piper PA-36 Pawnee Brave, Embraer EMB 202 Ipanema, and Rockwell Thrush Commander but multi-purpose helicopters are also used.

How much does it cost to spray a field with an airplane?

Cost: Aerial application reduces costs in at least two ways. Helicopter aerial application in the Northern Region costs around $10 to $15 / acre. Ground based applications can range from $25 / acre for truck based broadcast spraying to as high as $300 or more / acre for backpack applications.

How many gallons can an Air Tractor hold?

With a payload of 9,249 lbs….AT-802A Specifications.

Engine Type: P&W PT6A-65AG
Empty Weight with Spray Equipment: 6,751 lbs (3.062 kg)
Useful Load: 9,495 lbs (4.306 kg)
Hopper Capacity: 800 US gal (3.028 L)
Fuel Capacity: 254 US gal (961 L)

How many miles can a crop duster fly?

Over congested areas crop duster planes cannot fly below 1000 feet. Over rural land, they may operate at a minimum of 500 feet. While spraying crops, pilots have to do their best to reduce drift of the chemicals, which means flying as low as possible. They can then fly down to about 8 feet above the crops.

What kind of engine does an Air Tractor have?

502XP Specifications

Engine Type: P&W PT6A-140AG
Engine SHP: 867 @ 1900 RPM
Propeller: Hartzell HC-B4TN-3C/T10702NS
Take-off Weight: 10,480 lbs (4.754 kg)
Landing Weight: 8,000 lbs (3.629 kg)

How fast is an Air Tractor?

AT-802A Performance

Cruise Speed at 8,000 ft (2.438 m): 191 mph (166 kts)
Working Speed (Typical): 130-160 mph (113-139 kts)
Range – Economy Cruise at 8,000 ft (2.438 m): 610 mi (982 km)
Stall Speed – Flaps Up: 107 mph (92 kts) at 16,000 lbs (7.257 kg)
Stall Speed – Flaps Down: 91 mph (79 kts) at 16,000 lbs (7.257 kg)

How many acres can a crop duster cover per day?

Many have flow control as well, with a readout of gallons per acre for the pilot to see. There are sometimes other indicators showing if the plane is lined up correctly or how many feet it is flying off the ground. They can spray 2000 crop acres a day.

What engine does the at-401b have?

Here is an aircraft with an impressive combination of performance and features that help operators cover more acres at less cost. At the heart of the AT-401B’s economy is its ultra-powerful Pratt & Whitney R1340 radial piston engine.

What kind of engine does a Pratt and Whitney 401B have?

At the heart of the AT-401B’s economy is its ultra-powerful Pratt & Whitney R1340 radial piston engine. Widely regarded as one of finest radial engines ever produced, the R1340 has been remanufactured to Air Tractor specifications for improved performance, economy and reduced maintenance.

Where are Air Tractor planes made?

Headquartered in Olney, Texas, Air Tractor has decades of experience manufacturing agricultural planes that are today used around the world. Engine Notes: Pratt & Whitney PT6A-65AG s/n: PCE-PN0056 Since New: 6857.6 hours TSHSI: 232.2 hours

What makes the at-401b a great business partner?

The AT-401B makes a great partner for a growing business. From its large 400-gallon hopper that helps cut ferry time, to its Hoerner wingtips which improve the rate of climb and overall control.