How much does international school cost in Dubai?

How much does international school cost in Dubai?

School fees in Dubai range from AED 12,723 (USD 3,463.84) to AED 64,093 (USD 17,449.32) per annum, not including additional fees for admission, transportation, school uniforms and books….What is the range of school fees in Dubai?

Name Ambassador International Academy
FS1 28,400
KG1/FS2 30,400
KG2/Y1 34,668
G1/Y2 37,022

How many international schools are in Dubai?

There are around 140 international schools in Dubai with a mix of English National Curriculum / British schools, International Baccalaureate and American schools dominating. Beyond that there are Swiss, German, French, Indian and UAE schools, so most requirements can be met for expat families making Dubai their home.

Is primary school free in Dubai?

Is there free education in Dubai? Yes. Primary and secondary education is free for all Emiratis and compulsory for boys and girls from age 5 until 15, but non-citizens have to pay fees for schooling, public and private.

How can I start a school in Dubai?

To set up a pre-school in Dubai, you need a nursery license and also an early learning centre license. However, in all the other emirates except Dubai, only a Nursery license is needed. Please note that a Nursery License is issued by the Ministry of Education (MOE) in Dubai and other Emirates.

How much does primary school cost in Dubai?

Dubai school fees for 2020-21, including the KHDA approved and discounted fees.

School Name 2019/20 DSIB Rating KG1/ FS2
Al Eman Educational Est ( Al Eman private School ) Acceptable 5825
Al Ghaf Primary School Not yet inspected 35000/ 29750
Al Ittihad Private school Good 17229
Al Ittihad Private School (BR) Good 20543

Are public schools free in UAE?

Education is free for UAE citizens at government institutes up to the university level. Non-UAE nationals may attend government schools as fee-paying students.

How long is primary school in UAE?

about six years
Primary school, also known as elementary school, lasts about six years. It stretches from Grade 1 to 6 (about 6–11 years old). Courses are offered in both Arabic and English, with Arabic being the primary language and English being secondary.

Is Deira international school open for 2021 applications?

ADMISSIONS NOW OPEN FOR 2021/2022 Deira International School is still accepting applications for all year groups for 2021/2022; but are operating on a waitlist basis for most Primary Year Groups except for Foundation Stage which has limited availability.

What is the student life like at Deira International School?

Student Life at DIS. Deira International School (DIS) is an English curriculum school. Deira International School (DIS) occupies an expansive campus in Dubai Festival City and provides a rich and comprehensive academic programme complemented with a broad spectrum of athletic offerings and vibrant arts programmes.

Why choose Dedeira International School?

Deira International School (DIS) opened in 2005, and offers the National curriculum for England plus the IB Global curriculum complimented by top class facilities and resources for learning. DIS is where children experience high quality teaching that will inspire them to be their very best.