How much does it cost to replace a Honda Accord rear bumper?

How much does it cost to replace a Honda Accord rear bumper?

What Is The Rear Bumper Replacement Cost For a Honda Accord? Generally, the cost to replace the bumper on a Honda Accord at a shop ranges from $500 to about $1400.

How much does it cost to replace a bumper on a 2005 Honda Accord?

If you choose to go to a Honda dealership then it will cost around $435-$880 for the bumper and an extra $500-$700 for labor costs. You can expect the cost to be more if they will also be removing the old bumper or installing any fixtures to your vehicle too.

Are Honda Accord bumpers plastic?

1 Answer. Actually, your bumpers are made of pliable automotive grade plastic compound.

How much does a Honda Accord bumper cost?

How much does a Honda Accord bumper cover cost? The cost of Honda Accord bumper covers varies depending on your car’s year and model. OEM replacement parts typically cost around $130 to $1,300. Bumper covers are either sold individually, in sets of two, or as part of a kit.

Is changing a bumper hard?

Replace a rusted or dented pickup bumper yourself A rusty or dented bumper can drag down the whole appearance of a pickup that’s in otherwise good shape. Having it replaced by a pro will set you back $1,000, but you can save $500 or more in labor and parts by doing the job yourself. It takes only a few hours.

Can a body shop fix a cracked bumper?

Not every auto body shop can provide the expertise it takes to make these repairs and provide a seamless restoration of your vehicle’s finish. Nearly every cracked plastic bumper can be repaired, and usually for less than half the cost of a new bumper.

How much does it cost to paint an unpainted bumper?

Average Bumper Repaint Cost. The average cost to repaint your bumper is around $500. This might seem a little steep – but you need to factor in prep work, the paint price, and consider the fact that the shop needs to custom match the paint color to your vehicle.

How much is a Honda Accord bumper?

What kind of Bumper does a 2006 Honda Accord have?

Honda Accord Coupe 2006, Evo 5 Style Rear Bumper Cover by Duraflex®. This bumper gives your car aerodynamic good looks with light weight and long-lasting durability. Installation typically requires sanding, trimming, and filling prior… Honda Accord 2006, R34 Style Front Bumper Cover by Duraflex®. This bumper is stylish and aerodynamic.

What kind of fog light cover does a 2006 Honda Accord use?

Honda Accord Sedan 2006, Front Fog Light Cover by K-Metal®. Whether your bumper insert became dislodged and lost, or sustained damage in a collision, top-notch K-Metal replacement inserts are just the way to go. Made to OE…

What is front bumper cover reinforcement?

The bumper cover reinforcement support the bumper parts and locate them properly in relation to the body. If damaged… Honda Accord Coupe / Sedan 2006, Front Upper Bumper Cover Reinforcement by K-Metal®.